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Saturday, October 3, 2015

We were robbed

We came home Friday to find that someone had broken into our house and robbed us.

It sucked because besides the fact that someone was in our house looking through our things, they took our laptops which had so much of our life.

They took our 60 inch Sony TV, my laptop, my hubby's laptop, his ipad, my camera, some cash and our money jar. They also took a comforter probably to wrap the TV. We are still looking around to see what else. We really don't have any real valuable things in the house. I don;t have jewelry and we don't have any expensive stuff. The most expensive thing was probably the TV and that was a few years old.

The most valuable things taken were our laptops because that is where we store our files and photos and everything else. It makes me mad to think that I have lost years of writings and my personal files. Tom lost all his financial info and other things. We forget to back up our stuff so I know I lost a few months of files. Also, it sucks to think people have access to your personal stuff.

Luckily, they did not find my tablet so I was able to go online last night and change all our important passwords. I doubt we will ever see our laptops again and that makes me sad but oh well, life goes on.

Now we have to go buy new laptops. I am not sure if Tom is getting an iPad but that might have to be his Christmas gift this year. I have to get a laptop sooner than later because of my blogging. The TV can wait for now. Luckily, they left us one in the guest room.

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Make Your Next Family Road Trip More Fun! #FamilyTravelTips @BestBuy #ad

We love to travel. But sometimes the thought of getting on a plane and going through all that ordeal, is too much. So many times we just decide to get into the car and take a road trip instead. Lately, our road trips are involving more outdoorsy and adventurous activities.

And on any trip we take, we have to have our tech toys with us to document our travels. Luckily, Best Buy has all the tech ideas we need to make our trips wonderful. Head over to the Best Buy for some of your own travel ideas. The Best Buy site has some great ideas.

My favorite tip is the Family 5K. Now, if you know me that would surprise you because I am the last person to actually get out and exercise. But since hubby's heart bypass, we have had to start eating better and exercising. That has meant a huge lifestyle change for both of us.

That's why we have been to Best Buy looking for fitness trackers. We felt we needed to start trying to get healthy. We need to find wearable and smart technology to not only track our exercise but also to track our food intake and heart rates. And these fitness trackers are also great as a GPS.

We have not decided which fitness tracker to buy but we are leaning toward the Fitbit because it seems to have everything we need. It feels comfortable on the wrist and the display is clear. It also has a heart monitor that is essential for my husband to have.

I like the idea that we will have matching activity trackers. It will help when we hit the road. Whether we end up at a beach resort or hiking up a mountain, we will always be able to keep track of our exercise and stay healthy!

Shop at Best Buy for your next family road trip or 5K! They have so many choices that you will be able to find one that suits your family and your lifestyle!

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