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Monday, July 27, 2009

Grill Wizard Review

We love to grill out during summer, all the time. Our grill gets filthy especially when I marinade the meat or chicken. There is so much gunk left on the grill it's ridiculous. Just the other day, the grill wasn't working because of the buildup.

Luckily, I had the opportunity to review a grill brush: the Grill Wizard . The Grill Wizard is a pretty nice grill brush with some cool features. One of the things I liked was the long handle so I could get it down under the grill and clean the burners. The Grill Wizard also has detachable parts. The scouring head detaches from the handle and the scouring pad detaches from the scouring head for easy clean up. Plus the scouring pad can be easily replaced with a new one. The scouring head also has an edge scraper for the pesky grime that is hard to get off the grill. All parts can be thrown into the dishwasher.

Look at this dirty grill. I, well Tom because I don't do grills, used the Grill Wizard and it did a pretty good job. What Tom liked is that it is sturdy. Most grill brushes just don't clean well because the brush is too short and doesn't hold up to the scrubbing so they don't do the job. But the handle is very strong and held up to the scrubbing it took to get the grill clean. The scouring pads on the Grill Wizard also do a great job and cover a lot of surface. Now it took a lot of Tom's elbow grease but it came clean. The scouring pad took a beating and we will have to use the replacement for the next cleaning but our grill was really bad. But look at the results. The grill looks spotless.

The Grill Wizard costs $39.95 which I find a little steep for a grill brush. But it works well and this brush will last a long time and does a good job so it's just a matter of personal taste and finances.

I want to thank Grill Wizard for letting me try their product. My grill hasn't been this clean for a long time!!

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