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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

ANother Moving Comfort Bra Giveaway @ EightyMPH MOM

I found another Bra giveaway. I am on a mission to win one of these since I am exercising more and the girls need all the help they can get.

This is at EightyMPHMom is having a great giveaway where you can win one of these Moving Comfort bras.

These bras are specifically for exercising. It is so important to have a good bra when exercising especially if you wear a bigger size like me. It is essential because otherwise you can get hurt and cause damage. I looked around the site and they actually tell you the bra that is best for you.

I am using the text I found at A Happy Hippy Mom site and what she wrote about these bras:

Moving Comfort is a business dedicated to making garments only for women. For over 30 years they have been providing women with their technically high quality athletic apparel, sports bras, and fitness accessories. They inspire and encourage woman to get fit, stay healthy, and to never feel limited by anything.

Moving Comfort believes a sports bra is the most important piece of equipment an active woman can have in her fitness wardrobe. This is why their sports bras are comfortable, made with special DriLayer fabric to manage any moisture, and provide superior support.

You can win one by visiting EightyMPHMom What a great product! Even if I don't win, I am going to seriously consider buying one of these babies.

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