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Monday, August 24, 2009

Paper Culture Review

I recently got the opportunity to review some new stationery products. I received a few samples of modern stationery from Paper Culture. Paper Culture specializes in high end invitations, announcements and premium quality, eco-friendly stationery.

I am all about green products so I was excited to be able to review these. All Paper Culture papers are FSC certified as 100% post consumer recycled paper. All envelopes and packaging made from recycled paper. They strive to minimize their impact on the environment. Plus, they also support organizations that promote sustainability through Paper Culture Cares. Paper Culture Cares promotes causes that are close to the ideals of the founders and their community. A portion of their proceeds go towards supporting the local community. I support any company that strives to make a difference not only for the environment but in the community. I wish more companies would adopt this philosophy.

But the company also has to have great products. Paper Culture does. I love all types of stationery. It's something I have always loved since I was a little girl. I don't know what it is but sending cards or letters is something very intimate and civilized. I am still one of those who sends thank you cards and personal notes to friends.

The samples I received were so darling. The paper is high-quality and heavy. It is also smooth. The cards come with rounded edges that makes them look fancy and the envelopes are very nice as well. The designs are fantastic. They are simple and clean thus making them classy and beautiful. If you have kids, these are great because their invitations are cute and sweet.

I especially loved the line of adult birthday invitations. I felt they were hip and trendy and very retro. I would certainly buy these for any party I throw. I love the invitations with the wine bottle. Paper Culture also has modern baby shower invitations, birthday party invitations for kids, thank you cards, blank cards, moving announcements, housewarming cards, baptism announcements and so much more.

The downside is the price. The cards can be a little pricey but you have to expect that if you buy quality products. I am always willing to pay a little more for products that I find to be high-quality. I also think that because these are eco-friendly, they are worth the extra money.

Paper Culture also has a great program. The Mail and Message program allows you the option of having Paper Culture stuff, address, stamp and mail the cards your cards, and until January 1, 2010, the only charge for this service is the actual cost of the stamps! Think of all the stress that will take away during the holiday season! You just pick and personalize your cards online and they do the rest. Awesome.

Right now Paper Culture also has a limited time offer until August 31. If you make a purchase of $75 or more, you will get $15 off your order. How can you beat that? What a fantastic deal.

I am so glad I got to review these products. If you want high-quality invites, announcements or cards, Paper Culture is a site you will want to check out. Plus, because Paper Culture cares about reducing its carbon footprint you are also helping the environment by supporting them. But the best reason to go check out Paper Culture is that they have some wonderful and unique items for any occasion.

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