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Saturday, August 1, 2009

Subway Car Kit at the Mommy Files Blog

How cool is this bag? I love it and want to win it. This Subway Car Kit includes: an insulated lunch tote for healthy snacks, a $10 SUBWAY gift card, car games, etc. (approximate value = $35-40) similar to the below picture (colors or games may vary).

From The Mommy Files Blog:
In the spirit of road trips and exploring, SUBWAY has teamed up with National Geographic. Beginning July 1st, kids ages 6-14 can awaken their "Taste for Adventure" at SUBWAY this summer with fun toys and a very “cool” contest – in 100 words or less, tell us about their most exciting journey (past, present or even a future dream adventure) for a chance to win an unforgettable Alaskan Family Adventure!(perhaps a fun activity to keep everyone busy in the car J) Kids can enter online at or OR in-store!

I really want one of these and I have no idea why. I just love that bag and think it's one of the coolest prizes I have seen around the internets. So please don't enter. I am just informing here but be nice to me and walk away, pretend you never saw this post and give me the chance to win!!! I know you won't do it but I thought I would ask anyway. :)

AWESOME!!! If you want to win this then go over to the The Mommy Files and enter.
I am hoping you don't but who wouldn't want this cool thing?

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