The Art of Random Willy-Nillyness: Dove's Campaign for Real Beauty
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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Dove's Campaign for Real Beauty

If you have teen daughters or even younger daughters you need to go check out this site created by Dove. Dove is helping all women free themselves from beauty stereotypes that hurt their self-esteem.

Dove created the Campaign for Real Beauty and Self Esteem Fund. The mission of the Fund is to create confidence-building programs and messages that embrace all definitions of beauty. Dove recognizes that back-to-school time can be a tough transition for parents and teenage girls. This is why the Dove brand has created Every Parent’s Back-to-School Tip Sheet for Today’s Teen Girl – How to Avoid a Back-to-School Breakdown.

The Back-to-School tip sheet shares ten great tips to help parents help their teen’s avoid self-esteem pit falls and make the transition back into the school year a smooth one. If you’re interested in sharing these helpful tips with your readers please let them know a pdf of the tips can be downloaded from the Dove Campaign for Real Beauty website.

I am all about anything that empowers women and especially teen girls. I think nowadays there is so much pressure to fit into an unrealistic ideal of what women should be. That leads to so many problems especially in young girls. So any program that allows women to feel good about themselves, whatever size or shape, is a good thing for everybody.

Go check out the site and, if you do have teens, let them check it out as well so they can be empowered. They also have a great Facebook page you can join as well.

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