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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Giveaways Galore

Here are a few SodaStream giveaways. I know my readers loved mine so here is another chance for those who didn't win on my blog.

Hop on over to Mommatudes where she is giving away a Soda Stream!! I tell you, I still love mine and continue using it every week!!

I Like it Frantic has one as well. This one ends on October 6th.

Run over to Hot Deals by Bec for another chance!!!

Frugal and Fabulous has one as well. YAY!

Rave and Roll also has one!!

Okay, here is another Soda Stream giveaway over at Ascending Butterfly. This one is for a Penguin soda maker - very fancy.

And look another one!! Boy you guys are going to get your soda on. Go over to Just for Me and You and enter!!

Now here are some other giveaways:
Go over to Blessings Abound and win a basket full of laundry stuff. It's a nice prize!
A Happy Hippy Mom has another Walmart card giveaway going on go to the website and enter soon!
I adore Flor. Win a 5 x 7 rug kit from Flor. You get to pick, these look amazing!! Go over to 3 Kids and Us and enter.
Go over to One Project Closer and enter to win a $100 Home Depot card. Who can't use this? I know I need some paint and other stuff!!

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  1. I have a SodaStream giveaway going on at my blog, too!