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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

I am A Purex Insider!!

I found out that I was chosen to be a Purex Insider. What does that mean? It means that I was chosen to be one of the first to try Purex products and participate in promotions. That is fantastic because that means I will also be telling you about the new products and maybe even have special discounts to pass on and/or news about promotions that Purex has going on! YAY!

One of those promotions is for the new Purex Complete 3 in 1 sheets. Purex is trying to get the word on this great product. The Purex Complete 3 in 1 Laundry Sheet is a laundry detergent, fabric softener and an anti-static sheet all in one. You just toss the sheet into the washer and it releases the detergent. After the washer you toss it in the dryer and it acts as a fabric softener. Easy peasy. They have three great scents Spring Oasis, Tropical Escape and Pure and Clean.

I actually had the opportunity to try these sheets before I became an insider. I went to the website and tweeted and won!! I tried the Spring Oasis scented sheets last week and loved them. I remember telling Tom how fantastic they were. The packaging is wonderful because it keeps everything fresh and it's easy to open and close. I just tossed the sheet in the washer and let the cycle run. Then I grabbed all the clothes after they were finished washing and tossed them into the dryer with the sheet. It was great because I noticed that my clothes smelled fresh and they were softer. There was no static whatsoever. Of course, I need to wait for the winter to really see how well it works because that's when the static gets really bad. Once you finish the pack, you don't buy a whole new one but purchase refills!!

Right now you can also try the new Purex Complete 3 in 1 sheets. Go to the site and get a coupon for a $1 the new Purex Complete 3 in 1 sheets. The also have a cute video you can watch. If you are on Twitter join in to win a free package of the Purex Complete 3 in 1 sheets. I tweeted and won and so can you. It's super easy. Just push a button and tweet!! And if you have a blog or website, grab the button and place it on your site and you might win a a year's supply of Purex Complete 3 in 1 Laundry Sheets.

Good Luck and keep coming back for more updates!!

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