The Art of Random Willy-Nillyness: Nutrisystem Update!
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Monday, September 14, 2009

Nutrisystem Update!

In weight that is. Yes folks, it's Monday and that means it is the Nutrisystem update time. I am down one more pound for a total of 8! I am only 2 away from making 10 pounds down. I am going to really work out this week and stick to the plan religiously to see if I can lose 2 pounds this week. It is a lofty goal but I want to finally hit double digit weight loss.

The plan is still easy for me to follow. The weird thing is I am also liking salads now. I look forward to having them for lunch. Now anyone who knows me, knows I am not the salad type of gal. But now it's nothing for me to have just a salad for lunch with a Nutrisystem soup or sandwich.

I find I am eating less and that's okay by me. Sure there are times I want to gorge myself but I grab some almonds or a string cheese and I am okay. But as you see, I am eating pretty well. Pancakes with fresh raspberries and sugar free syrup. Then I had some great split pea soup and I added a touch of half & half. And the other night I had macaroni & beef with some fresh tomatoes. YUMMO!

This week was also the first week I could see a difference in my body. It's not a huge difference but I feel I am slimmer. Let me tell you, that's a good feeling. WOO!

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  1. That's awesome dude!! I am on a never-ending diet. I do Weight Watchers. I've done all the others with foods & I get bored too easily. The great thing is that we get FREE lunch @ work. And it's healthy stuff. A little too healthy sometimes cuz some of the choices have no flavor. LOL!!

    Well I would like to lose 40-50 pounds by next summer. Wish me luck!! & good luck to you on your journey! :)