The Art of Random Willy-Nillyness: High Sierra Chip Messenger Bag/Day Pack Review!!
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Saturday, October 3, 2009

High Sierra Chip Messenger Bag/Day Pack Review!!

The High Sierra Sports Company sent me 2 bags to review. I was sent the Chip Messenger Bag/Day Pack and the Level Carry-On Business Tote. We needed bags for toting our computer when we travel and these are fantastic. This review is for the Chip Bag.

I recently attended the Type-A-Mom Blogger Conference in Asheville. Since this is a conference about blogging and social media, I really needed to take my laptop to take notes, tweet and everything else. I decided to take the Chip bag instead of the Wheeled Tote since I would need to lug my computer from session to session and to and from my hotel room. It was such a great decision to do so.

The Chip had space for everything I needed. The main compartment is large and the perfect size for my 15" laptop. It is padded so I didn't have to worry about the laptop getting damaged. I was also able to fit a notebook and folder in the same large compartment. The front pockets were perfect for all my other stuff. I had my lip gloss in one of the pen pockets and was able to also store some of my Nutrisystem snacks as well. It has a little area where I could fit my cellphone. I also had my camera with me so that pocket was big enough to store both my phone and camera. The Chip has pockets for pens and the zippered pocket was perfect for my mini wallet where I had my money, ID and hotel room key and my business cards as well. It also includes a key fob. On the side of the bag, you have a compartment for a water bottle, which came in super duper handy. And I ended up using the MP3 player pocket to store my flip camera.

The pockets are mesh so it's easy to see what you have stored. On the last day of the conference when I had to check out early, I had to store more stuff in the Chip Bag. I am not sure it's recommended to stuff it full but I did. I was able to place my computer and phone chargers, mousepad, wireless mouse and my full size wallet in the bag. I also had enough space to stash some of the swag they were giving out. And through all this "abuse" the bag held up beautifully. This bag is high quality and you can tell because the fabric used and the manufacturing are very good. Cheaper bags would not have held up, I believe.

The straps are comfortable so although it got heavy, it was not painful at all. It has a handy grab handle as well, which I ended up using as a place to hold the little handmade monster I bought at the Mom's Market. The Chip also has a wonderful clip in the front to keep everything in place and secure. I was so glad that I had this bag to use at the conference. It helped me carry everything I needed to carry and do it comfortably. Everything fit in the bag and I had everything I needed. I am definitely using this bag when I travel anywhere.

If you want to check out the Chip or any other of the High Sierra bags, please visit their website. They have bags for every occasion. If you need them for business or leisure, you will find it something at High Sierra. The suggested retail price for the Chip is $70 and let me tell you that is a bargain in my book. I truly believe that this bag will give me a few good years of usage and it will get usage!

I am actually going to use the Level Wheeled Bag soon when I travel to Mexico. I need to have my computer but also need the wheeled bag to make it easier to travel within the airport. I will be reviewing the Level Bag when I return from my trip. I can't wait to see how this bag works and if it's as good as the Chip bag.

I want to thank High Sierra Sports Company for the opportunity to review these bags. They have been wonderful to work with. Please go check out their website and if you are in the market for some great luggage, consider buying High Sierra items.


  1. I love their styles. But, I have to have the wheeled tote since becoming disabled. I can't even carry a purse on my shoulder anymore. But, you have to love their style and durability, I am a huge fan of the messenger style bags, in fact all my bags are messenger style. Thanks for all the good info!

  2. Michele, I have tried the wheeled tote around the house and it is great. I can't wait to use it on my trip in mid-october. I will be reviewing it late Oct. early Nov. so I will let you know if this is something that you might consider. Thanks for the comment.

  3. I saw that bag and you really did fit SO much stuff inside of it! It's cute too (as is your little monster friend.)

  4. What an awesome bag! I could def. have used that for Blogalicious LOL I had to borrow a bag from my girlfriend but plan on getting one for myself soon. Will def. look into this one!