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Monday, November 9, 2009

Giveaways You Should Check Out

Got Pork Rinds?
In a few weeks I will doing a review and giveaway of Rudolph Foods/Southern Recipe Pork Rinds. OMG I am a pork rind/chicharrones junkie! Yes, it will be a cheat on my diet but one or two or half a bag won't hurt if I exercise my butt off, right? Anyway, Southern Recipe is celebrating pork rinds with a new Facebook contest. It is called the Funniest Crunch in the South. Everyone is encouraged to submit photos of themselves and their friends enjoying pork rinds via Facebook. The photo that gets the most votes on Facebook will win a year’s supply of Southern Recipe pork rinds and cracklins (24 bags in one shipment of mixed flavors) and a Southern Recipe t-shirt. The runner up will receive a six month supply of Southern Recipe products along with a Southern Recipe t-shirt and the third place winner will be awarded a one month’s supply with a Southern Recipe t-shirt.

For additional information visit or @SouthernRecipe


High Sierra Sports Company Weekly Giveaway
I hope you all saw my reviews of the High Sierra bags in the past few weeks. High Sierra has quality bags for every occasion. They also have a Twitter and Facebook page. If you sign up as a Facebook Fan you will be automatically entered into their weekly giveaway for a free bag. You should go fan them because these bags are terrific!!

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  1. Mmmm. I can't wait for your pork rinds review and giveaway! I live very close to the Rudolph Foods factory and love to drive by and just inhale the smell of cooking pork rinds!!