The Art of Random Willy-Nillyness: Hall's Refresh Review
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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Hall's Refresh Review

Do you ever get a dry mouth? Do you sometimes need something to make it feel better? I know I do especially now in the winter when I am in places with forced heat. I usually grab some water but that helps for a little while but the dry mouth comes back. Well now there is a hard candy that helps you get rid of dry mouth while giving you a burst of flavor!

Halls Refresh is a new "mouth watering" hard candy that is formulated to help moisten your mouth. This tasty treat has an Advanced Moisture Action™ formula. It is also sugar-free so it fits right in with my diet!! With 6 calories, 3 grams of carbohydrates, and 0 grams of sugar per drop, I can pop these in my mouth to prevent dry mouth or soothe my throat when it gets dry and scratchy.

I tried the Juicy Strawberry and the Tropical Wave and both flavors were really good. My favorite is the Strawberry. I am definitely keeping these around in the house, car and in my purse so I can pop one in my mouth when I need it. They also come in Refreshing Mint.

Halls Refresh are available in 9-piece sticks and 20-count resealable bag. Be aware though that Halls® products may be used by adults and children 5 years and over. For children under 5 years, ask a doctor.

For more information about Halls Refresh you can go join their Facebook page or visit

Disclosure: Halls contacted me to participate in a review of their new Halls Refresh in these two new flavors. As part of my review, I received the product I discussed in this review. No other compensation was given and the opinions in this post are solely mine and are based on my experience with the product. My opinions have not been influenced by the product given.


  1. You know, I saw these in the store and was very curious about them. It's great that they're sugar-free but 3 grams of carbs per drop? That's a little on the high side for me. Although right now, I'd seriously consider ignoring that fact so that I could try something that would eliminate my 'itchy cough' from the dry air.

    Btw Carolyn, I tagged your for a holiday meme. Not sure if you've already done one of these yet.

  2. These would be great this time of year. I am in a cold climate and with all the dry air, it makes your mouth dry! I havent seen these around I might have to go looking.
    ellen beck