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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Hi Ho, Hi Ho, It's Off To Disney World I Go!

Yes folks, I am off again. This time to an event at Disney World called The Disney Social Media Moms. Yeah, yeah, I am not a mom but like I said before mom-bloggers accept me and this is also a event for bloggers and people involved in social media so that rocks the house.

I cannot wait. The conference will be fantastic because we get to hear some great speakers and learn new things but the best part is I will be at Disney World.

The price was too good to pass up. For $350 I get to go to the conference, get a hotel room at the Polynesian, some meals and a Park Hopper pass. OMG I am so excited!! The $350 also included family members but poor Tom couldn't come and that sucks big balls but at least I will be there.

If you know me, you know I am a total Disneyphile and adore all things Disney. I have loved Disney since I was a child. When we were little growing up in Los Angeles, we went to Disneyland several times a year. We went every time we had visitors from Costa Rica. It was just the place to take them because who doesn't want to go to Disney, right?

As I got older I would still go. I remember me and my friend, Sonia would often be bored on a weekend and we would drive to Disneyland at night around 5 or 6pm when we could get in half price and yet still do 5 or 6 hours just hanging out and riding all the awesome rides. It was such a fun place to go.

When I was in Florida, we would drive up to Orlando a few times a year and hang out at Disney World. I LOVE Disney World. We also went to Universal Studios and that was a ball as well. But Disney World is the best place ever. I can't wait to be there. I arrive (if the weather holds) on the 10th and then it's non-stop until the 13th when I fly back. I will be also be vlogging so keep an eye out. I will certainly vlog about my room to make you all jealous. I am also going to try and vlog at some of the places we go to and characters I meet.

I can't wait to go to the Magic Kingdom and Hollywood Studios and just be there walking around and getting on the rides. I can't wait to shop for some cool new Alice in Wonderland souvenirs that I really don't need but want. I can't wait to hang out with some of the great ladies I met at the TypeAMom conference and online. I can't wait to be at Epcot and walk around and see all the different countries. So I will be MIA but if I can get some vlogs up at my personal blog Carolyn in Carolina, then you will be able to follow all my adventures. Yippee!!

Disclosure: I am paying for my trip to Disney but conference attendees are receiving a good rate at the resort as well as park passes. No other compensation was given and the opinions in this post are solely mine and are based on my experience with the product.

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  1. Ok you got me! I am jealous! I was trying to find airfare that was affordable but couldn't find anything less then $1,400 for me and the kids. So have fun but not too much fun!! LOL Just kidding!! Can't wait to read and see what you vlog.