The Art of Random Willy-Nillyness: I Am Off Again!
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Friday, May 14, 2010

I Am Off Again!

Yes folks, I will be MIA again. We are off to Costa Rica!! Yippee Skippy! We are visiting my parents. Costa Rica is really like my second home. I have been going there since I was knee-high to grasshopper and love it. My sister is now there for a few months so I get to see her too! YAY!

But now that I vlog, you might get some video clips this coming week. I am taking my netbook so I should be able to upload them to YouTube for your viewing pleasure. You won't get my traditional hotel room video but I can vlog about my mom's house where we stay. We only have a week so we will be totally busy.

We have to visit my dad and then we are taking a few days and going to our favorite place: Playa Hermosa. Then we will be in San Jose the rest of the time. We will probably see some of my cousins. I am dying to eat chicharrones and just to hang out with the family.

If you want to check out my vlogs or updates from Costa Rica, pop on over to my personal blog: Carolyn in Carolina. I usually post them there. Once I get back, I will have tons of new giveaways and goodies to giveaway.

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  1. I'll miss you, sugar-lips. And YOU'LL miss my BIRTHDAY.

    Coincidence? I think not.