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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Ace bandage Review!

A few weeks ago, I threw out my back. I was making a fire and picked up a big log and boom, it just went out. After a few days in bed and a lot of pain, it went away but I will, no doubt, throw it out again.

About a week after I threw out my back, I got a the opportunity to review some Ace products. Unfortunately, I didn't have the Ace Bandage Lumbar Support belt that week that I threw it out. I could have used it.

But two weeks ago, hubby threw out his back. It was a bad thing but, luckily, we had the Lumbar Support belt. Hubby was a little reluctant to try it at first but after 2 days of pain, he decided to try the Ace belt.

It really worked for him. He said it was comfortable and really supported his back at home and at work. The great thing about this belt was that besides being able to wear it around your waist to support your back, it also has extra support straps that you can tighten for more support. It also fits all sizes because you can tighten the belt. I am a little fluffy and it fits me just fine!

Hubby wore it a few days and was good as new. I only wish that I had this belt when my back went out. Hopefully, I won't have to use it but I know that when I do, it will do a good job. The fabric is a breathable so you don't get all sweaty. It is also a breeze to clean. You pop it in the washer and air dry.

The other item I received was the Multi-Purpose Ice and Heat wrap. I actually had to use this wrap last week. I have decided I need to shape up this year so I started doing the Wii Fit again and maybe it had been a little too long since I had exercised and I hurt my knee.

This wrap was the thing I needed though because I am known to be klutz. Since I was small, I have sprained and strained all sorts of muscles and joints so I am an expert in caring for them. What I have learned is you need heat and cold. This is where the Multi-purpose wrap comes in very handy.

You can pop the insert into the microwave and heat it up. Then you can pop it into the freezer and get it cold. The wrap is adjustable so you can use it on knees or elbows or anywhere else you can wrap it. It is also easy to clean. All you do is hand wash and air dry.

I have used ACE products for years. Like I said, I am sort of a klutz so I always have a few ACE bandages in my house. My favorite is a wrist support brace that I bought a few years ago. I still use it. Ace products last forever and are great quality products and I can always count on then to be there to help my aching joints and muscles heal.

I will now be counting on these two products as well.

Disclosure: I received a sample product for review purposes. No other compensation was given and the opinions in this post are solely mine and are based on my experience with the product.

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  1. We depend on Ace bandages, they help so much! I am going to look for the new kind you have shown, the wrap around old fashioned ones sometimes are a huge pain to get wrapped and staying.
    ellen beck