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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The Popcorn Factory Discount Code

Okay my lovely readers, I have a treat for you today. Whether you’re a “Cheese Head” or hail the “Steel city,” Super Bowl XLV was an event to remember for sports fans across the nation. The Popcorn Factory has a way to help sports fans and collectors alike remember the big game forever with the Commemorative Super Bowl XLV popcorn tins.

These festive tins offer more than just their deliciously popped contents. To keep the Super Bowl celebration going year-round, The Popcorn Factory party planners suggest the following “top-five” tips for using your commemorative tin popcorn tins:

* Fill tin with ice and for a roomy ice bucket or beverage cooler
* Put lid on tin and use as small seats for a “kids table”
* Stuff your tin with plenty of napkins, paper towels and wet naps for messes
created from the standard Super Bowl snacks like buffalo wings and dips.
* Pick up a colorful bouquet and place in water-filled tin for a sweet center-piece
* Offer festive tins as a party favor for your guests

If you want to pick up one of these babies, here is a discount code: WINNER. This discount code will get you $10 off of a $50 purchase at (expires March 31, 2011).
And stay tuned because I will be giving away a $25 Popcorn Factory gift card soon! WOO!

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  1. This is one company I love. I have always been a fan of popcorn, and they package it so nicely for gifts. I love the variety they have too!
    ellen beck