The Art of Random Willy-Nillyness: Quick Update!
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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Quick Update!

As you have seen, I have barely been around lately. I have been under the weather and had no urge to do a thing. Even my personal blog has been neglected. This blog has totally been neglected and I apologize. I promise I will choose some winners.

But I am headed to Costa Rica to see my family and won't be back until next weekend. Hopefully my flight will go well because I have been so ooky lately. Hang in there because I will have more stuff to review and giveaway when I get back.


  1. I think a trip home is exactly what you need to get you feeling better, Caro! Hope you have a great time!

    And if you were so inclined, you could bring back some of that wonderful Costa Rican coffee and have a great giveaway for some of your faithful readers. ;-)

  2. I cannot wait to hear about your trip! Enjoy the time with your family!

  3. I saw pictures of your trip in a previous post. I am glad you felt well enough to go it is always nice to get a recharge,
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