The Art of Random Willy-Nillyness: A little bragging and a Happy Birthday!
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Thursday, October 13, 2011

A little bragging and a Happy Birthday!

Today is my friend Dion's birthday. Happy Birthday!! I have to brag because this past weekend, Dion and, his company, Sketch to Form were featured Miami Herald. Go read the story because it is really good. I needed to share it with you all because I am so proud of him.

I met my almost 2 decades ago. I was living in Coral Gables in a house that was chopped up into 3 different living quarters. The landlady lived in the biggest section. I lived n a studio apartment that had a small kitchen, a full bath and a walk-in closet. There was a a smaller apartment in the back next to mine.

I lived there while attending the University of Miami. People came and went from that apartment so I was never surprised when I had a new neighbor. One day, I was at home doing yoga and someone knocked on my door.

I open the door and he introduced himself as my new neighbor. That was the beginning of a beautiful friendship. From the get go, I think we both knew we would be friends forever. It was just written in the cards. Yes, there were ups and downs but we survived and are still friends. I actually consider him the brother I never had.

Dion is an architect and a brilliant one at that. I remember seeing the designs he would create while at UM. I knew that he would succeed because he was that good. I always had faith in him.

When he told me he was going to create furniture, I never doubted that would be some kick ass stuff and I was right. He started Sketch to Form . He makes some of the most incredible items I have seen. And they are made in the USA!

He even donated a wonderful piece, the ballena, to a charity auction in memory of Clarence Clemons a few weeks ago. It was an awesome piece.

So go check out the Miami Herald article. Go like Sketch to Form on Facebook as well!

Happy Birthday Dion!!! xoxo

p.s. I totally took these images from Dion's website and Facebook page!


  1. I love eco/recycled furniture - this stuff is amazing! Happy birthday Dion!!

  2. Those pieces are amazing. I too have a lifelong guy friend & he is the best. Happy birthday, Dion!