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Monday, August 13, 2012

Abuelitas Avocados ~ The Recipe I Treasure: Green Rice and Eggs

When I was a little girl, I loved visiting my abuelita. One of the reasons I loved being with her was because she was one of the best cooks ever. I would spend hours with my abuelita in the kitchen.

She taught me so much. I learned how to make basic dishes like rice and more involved dishes like Costa Rican olla de carne. Besides learning how to cook, the time spent in the kitchen with my abuelita taught me so much about life. She would tell me stories and during those times she shared her wisdom.

When I was little I was obsessed with Dr. Seuss. I had all the books and I would read them all the time. My favorite, of course, was Green Eggs and Ham. I think I drove my granny crazy because I would read them to her when we were cooking.

When I spent the night with her, the next morning she would always make me eggs and rice with toast. It was the best thing ever. If you have never had rice and eggs, you definitely need to try it because it is the perfect dish.

One morning I woke up and, of course, I was expecting eggs and rice and boy was I surprised. I think all the Dr. Seuss finally got to my abuelita and she got creative and made me Green Rice and Eggs.

She said she had heard Green Eggs and Ham so many times that she wanted to do something similar. She could not figure out how to make the green eggs so she decided to make Green Rice. She made the rice green with avocados. Now, if you have never had rice and avocados all mushed together, you MUST.

This is why I loved my abuelita so much. She came up with a fun recipe that I always treasure. Now there is no "real" recipe for this dish. All you need is some rice, you can use white or yellow rice. If you can't make rice, you can use instant rice. It's that easy. Abuelita Gilda used to use white rice because it was easier to "color" with the avocados.

Here is how to make Green Rice and Eggs. Take an avocado and mash it with a little lemon and salt and pepper. Take the avocado mixture and mix it with the rice. Take the rice and avocado mixture and place it on a plate. Fry an egg. Place the egg in the middle of the rice and avocado mixture. Serve with buttered toast.

This was such a special dish when I was little. I didn't get it all the time. It was always a surprise when my abuelita would make it. But every time I saw Green Rice and Eggs, I got so excited.

Even now, when I am feeling a little nostalgic, I make myself Green Rice and Eggs. I am glad I got to share my grandmother's recipe using avocados. I have so many other recipes she taught me like Shrimp and Avocado ceviche but this one is close to my heart.

If you need some inspiration on how to use avocados, visit the Avocados from Mexico. The Avocados From Mexico site also has an English recipe site and a Spanish recipe site.  

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Avocados from Mexico. All information was provided by Latina Bloggers Connect.


  1. I just love that it has such emotional ties for you. That's so sweet. I'm also glad that the green color is subtle. ;)

  2. Caro that looks delish. Abuelitas are the best aren't they. I love anything with avocado and it isn't easy to come by in Florida. It's kind of expensive. I want to move to LA.


  3. That looks so yummy. I know my kiddos will love it. Thanks for sharing.

  4. I love those memories!! Green rice and egg looks DELICIOUS!!!

  5. Oh this sounds amazing! I really need to try this next time I go to the store.

  6. Isn't it neat how certain dishes just bring back so many memories. What a great story - looks like a tasty dish!

  7. I know how special this must be for you. I cherish my grandma's recipe's too. I have a huge collection and I'd like to someday make a book of them to give out to family members.

  8. Such a lovely post filled with wonderful memories...and the rice and eggs looks yum!

  9. I love how a lot of our memories are tied to food. The green rice and eggs look delicious!

  10. I love your story. I could possibly eat guacamole this way, not too green. I could definitely give this a try!

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