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Monday, October 29, 2012

Sweetness on the Go ~ Nevella To Go Review - #sweetnesstogo

When it comes to sugar, I can say I am an addict. I love anything sweet. I know it’s not a good thing but lately I have been trying to cut back. I cut back on the candy, soda and sweets. I have even cut down on the sugar I use when cooking.

I already use sweetener in my drinks. So when I was approached to review Nevella To Go, I knew I had to try it! I am always looking for new ways to cut back on sugar.

I received three types of the Nevella To Go: monk fruit, sucralose and stevia. What I love about the Nevella To Go is that the sweeteners are zero calorie, zero carbs and are in liquid form. They also come in a portable package.

This is great news because I hate going out to a restaurant and  not having my usual sweetener or any sweetener at all. This has happened to me one too many times. I used to keep the little packages of sweetener in my purse until one day they exploded and my purse was covered in white powder.

It was a little awkward trying to explain that to everyone. And my purse got ruined. I stopped carrying my own packets and hoped for the best when I was traveling or eating out. But with Nevella, I can pop one of the little bottles into my purse and not worry about spillage. I love that.

I enjoyed all three of them. I already use a combination of the Splenda or stevia. I find I like them both. The Nevella Stevia  is tasty and works to sweeten my hot tea. I loved the sucralose to go because it reminded me of the sweetener I already use. I love this in my coffee.

The Monk Fruit was delicious. It tastes a little bit like honey and I love squirting a little into my water bottle. I like drinking a lot of water but sometimes it gets boring and I don’t drink enough. One squeeze of the monk fruit helps me maintain my water regiment and satisfies my need for sweets!

But the best thing about Nevella, besides the taste, is that the liquid form is so easy to use. I don’t have to struggle with waiting for anything to dissolve. That is huge especially when I use it to sweeten my iced tea or water. One little squeeze into my coffee, iced tea, lemonade or hot tea and that’s it.

I am glad I took the Sweetness To Go Challenge. I love the portability of Nevella, I love all the flavors and best of all, I like that I can still have my sweet tooth satisfied with little calories!

Would I recommend Nevella To Go? Yes. It is a great alternative to sugar. It is good for the waist line and it is easy to use.

I took the Sweetness To Go Challenge using Nevella To Go. These handy little bottles fit perfectly in your purse or pocket, come in stevia, monk fruit, and sucralose varieties, and best of all, they're calorie, carbohydrate, and guilt free! Take the Sweetness To Go Challenge yourself and click here to get your $1 off coupon!

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Nevella. The opinions and text are all mine.

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