The Art of Random Willy-Nillyness: Mama Needs a New pair of Winter Boots!
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Saturday, January 26, 2013

Mama Needs a New pair of Winter Boots!

It's wintertime in Western North Carolina and that means I need a new pair of winter boots. My old boots are 4 years old and they are falling apart.

This year, although there has been little to no snow, I decided that I wanted a pair of boots that were warm and had fur. I don't know why I want furry boots but I do.

I started looking around for some cute boots. I found quite a few. I came upon a really cute pair at Brantano Shoes. Brantano has a huge selection of shoes. They have shoes for men, women and kids. They also have a variety of styles.

I headed directly to the winter boot section. Boy there were so many styles to choose from. After checking out all the styles, I found the cutest boots ever. They had some awesome Caravelle Fur Biker boots. I loved them because they are in the biker style. The boots also have fur!

The site had other styles I liked but the Caravelle Boots are on the top of my list. The price was pretty good too.

The other boots I found and liked were a pair of Joan of Arctic Sorel Boots. These are a little bit pricier but they are so darn cute. Plus, these have rubber around the boot so they don't get wet when walking around in the snow. They would also be good in the rain.

While I love these, I can't help but think that the biker boots are just a little more trendy and I can use them at anytime I want. The Sorel boots are strictly for winter.

I am holding off buying them because the weather, although very chilly, has been pretty mild for winter. But I know that one day the snow will come and I need to have a good pair of boots.

Tell me, which boots do you like better?


  1. I like the Biker boots...good choice!

  2. Id go for the bikers for all round getting out of the house and looking good boots.. However in my case im in Indiana so the sorels are more practical!!!