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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Testing my culinary chops!

Last week I attended the Taste of Disney media event. It was fantastic. Disney invited Latin American journalists and media from all over to come and experience the dining options Disney has to offer.

You all know that I am all about food. I love cooking and I love eating. This was the perfect event for me. I experienced so many new flavors and foods as well. I ate myself silly!

I don't eat seafood but last week, I tried scallops, tuna, calamari and octopus. I would so eat tuna and scallops again. I am not sure I would eat octopus again. It was actually tasty but the texture was really strange and I could not get over that.

I also ate buffalo and wild boar meat. I never thought about eating buffalo but it was so well cooked and delicious that it is another food I would try again. I figured boar was like pig, so I was all over that.

I also experienced some new spices and sauces. One of our fish dishes at Jiko in the Animal Kingdom had a very tasty and spicy sauce. I decided I was missing out not trying more varieties of food.

I am now on a mission to try different flavors to use in my culinary adventures. I have been looking around the Internet to see if I can find exotic spices, chili sauces, herbs and other products to enhance my cooking.

My trip to Disney taught me that although I am a pretty good foodie, I need to broaden my horizons and expand my knowledge of food. It is the only way I can possibly become an accomplished food and a sort of good chef. I am pretty good right now but a little more experimenting wouldn't hurt.

I will be posting some of my Disney adventures here but mainly you can find all of my pictures and stories on my personal blog: Carolyn in Carolina. Go take a look!

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