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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Let there be light!

My husband loves Tiffany style lamps. We have several around the house. He has been collecting them for years now. I think part of the reason he does is that he is actually a theatre lighting designer.

I was not a huge fan but after living with him for a few years, I came to appreciate the beauty of these lamps. They are so intricate and when they are on, the glow is amazing.

He is an expert on lighting. The problem is that the lighting in our own house sucks. We are have bad lighting in the house especially in the living room. We have several of the Tiffany style lamps there but they are not enough.

What we really need is some recessed lighting in the ceiling but that would be a huge undertaking. It is something we have wanted to do since we bought this house. But there have been so many things we want to do and haven't.

But lighting is something we need in every room. Our kitchen has recessed lighting and it is wonderful. Our bedrooms have ceiling lights and fans and that works out for us. I am not sure why the living room has no lighting whatsoever.

Right now we are in the market for new lamps instead. I am thinking our next purchase might be Tiffany Style floor lamps.

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  1. Lighting is so important in a room! I cannot stand the harsh overhead lights. We have the overhead lights but only use them when we've lost something--lol. We use softer lamp lighting most of the time. I just love the Tiffany styles! So pretty and so interesting.