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Friday, June 28, 2013

P&G Access Conference - Cincinnati, OH #accesspg

I am back from the P&G Access Conference. It was such a great event.

We were treated so well by the P&G team and the event offered so many great opportunities to not only learn more about P&G but to network with other bloggers. We also had some fun in between.

The first night Tide and Downy brands hosted a wonderful reception for us at the Contemporary Arts Center. It was a great location for an event. As an event planner, I love events in unique locations. The food and company were great. We also had a visit from Vanessa Lachey who is a P&G spokeswoman and lives in Cincinnati.

I have to say, she is beautiful in person. And she just had a baby last year and looks great. She was also very down to Earth and sweet. She made sure to stop by all the tables and speak to everyone.

The next day, we started with a little yoga session courtesy of Tampax. I haven't done yoga in eons and it showed. Holy cow, I am out of shape. But overall it was a lot of fun. We also learned about the new
technology Tampax is using. I won't go into too much detail but the new braid they have for the string helps protect from leakage. It is actually quite brilliant. What impressed me is that they have engineers who come up with this technology. Who knew?

After yoga, we had breakfast and then a little bit of downtime to get dressed and freshen up before our next session. We had a great session with JB Kropp from Twitter. He gave us an overview of what Twitter is up to and some great tips about social media. He also gave us some great info on Vine, an app I rarely use but have to start using more.

Our next adventure was walking down to the P&G Headquarters. Luckily, it was only 5 minutes from the hotel and it was nice to get out and walk. The P&G Headquarters is pretty impressive. It was actually quite exciting to be invited there.

We were taken upstairs where the best part of the trip took place. Top Chef winner, Stephanie Izard was going to give us a cooking demo and then make lunch for us. We first were given a little demonstration of the new Bounty Dura Towels. I have tried Bounty Dura Towels and loved them. They really are strong even when wet. So I was not surprised that the Bounty towels hold up even with weights weighing them down.

Lunch was fantastic. Stephanie made us chicken and eggplant pimento cheese tostadas. We also had salads and other goodies. I had to get my picture with Chef Izard because I am a food geek that way. She was very nice about it.

After lunch, we headed over to hear about the new Iams So Good food for dogs. Once again, I was surprised how much time and effort goes into developing these products. Iams So Good has no artificial preservatives, no dyes, no sugars. I loved that the one of the comments made from Eric Altom, Research and Development Department of Iams, say dogs are color-blind so why do they need dyed food. So true.

We also got to meet Pawl Griffin, VP of K9 Communications for Iams, Eukanub, InnovaPet, CalNatPet, and EVOPetFood. He was fantastic. He was very friendly and very hairy. Plus, he is a great spokesdog for the brands.

The next part of the conference was probably my favorite. We were allowed to go into the P&G Archives. What I loved about this part of the conference was that we were able to see how P&G products have changed throughout the years. I was also amazed at how many P&G products are out there. More surprising was that I have used a lot of P&G products throughout my life.

After the tour, we went back upstairs to have an afternoon snack. Then we were all treated to mini makeovers. We also had some great demos by Hairstylist David Reposar and Make-Up Guru Bruce Grayson. We were also all given a chance to do ourselves up with several P&G beauty products like Covergirl, Vidal Sasson, Pantene and Olay. The tips we received on how to beautify ourselves. It was great. I don't use a lot of make-up but it was nice to be able to learn how to easily apply eye liner and poof up my hair!

After our makeover session, we all headed back to hotel to freshen up for dinner. Dinner was at Jeff Ruby's Steakhouse and it was delicious. We all had a wonderful and leisurely dinner.

The next day, we all met for breakfast and then had a round table discussion lead by Danielle Smith. The subject was balancing blog and home. I loved the discussion because I was able to hear how other bloggers handle the work and how they balance their lives. It was a dynamic session.

Then it was over. But overall, this conference was great. I loved how well we were treated. I enjoyed all the sessions. I loved how we were given downtime before and after events and sessions. I liked how they incorporated the brands into sessions and made then relevant to bloggers. It was great to visit the P&G headquarters and learn more.

The 21C Museum Hotel was fantastic as well. If I ever go back to Cincinnati, I will definitely choose that hotel again. I will have a whole post with pictures from the hotel. Plus, I will add my usual Hotel Room video as well.

I want to thank P&G for hosting me at this event. I would say this trip made me a fan of P&G products but I was already a fan. If you know me, you know I cannot live without my Swiffer Wet Jet. I use Olay and Covergirl when I do use makeup. I love Downy and Tide products. And hubby does not use anything but Ivory soap.

Disclosure: I was invited to attend this all-expenses paid trip by P&G. Thoughts and opinions are 100% my own and are based on my experiences.

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