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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Delivery Man Exclusive Trailer Preview!

I am excited to be able to share the trailer for "Delivery Man" starting Vince Vaughn. In the movie, Vince Vaughn plays an affable underachiever looking for his purpose in life. His life changes when he finds out that there was a glitch at the fertility clinic where he made anonymous donations 20 years ago. It seems that he has "fathered" 533 children! And now, 142 of those children are suing to find out who their biological father is. He has to decide whether he wants to come forward or not.

This movie sounds a little funky at first but after I saw the trailer, I am dying to see the movie! I am a huge Vince Vaughn fan because he is always so funny. The trailer also made me realize that family is family no matter how unconventional it may be. I am a firm believer that family is what you make it. People all want a traditional family but I have had friends who are more family than my real family. I think that is what makes this movie so appealing to me.

I am also excited to see Cobie Smulders from "How I Met Your Mother" in the movie as well. Enjoy the exclusive trailer that is being previewed today for the first time on 533 blogs!!

DELIVERY MAN stars Vince Vaughn, Cobie Smulders and Chris Pratt and will be in theaters November 22. And just so you know, this movie is for adults and not small children. It's rated PG-13 for mature themes. 

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