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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Slim Fast Berry Sexy Vanilla Sunrise Mocktail #SlimFastVeranoSexy

Disclosure: This post is part of a sponsored campaign on behalf of Latina Bloggers Connect and Slim-Fast. This post is brought to you by SlimFast. All thoughts and content are my own.

It's summer and that means time spent outside relaxing and enjoying the weather. Every evening, I sit out on our front porch with my hubby and cat. We have a view of the Tuckasegee River that runs in front of our house. After dinner, we head out to sit and relax. It is a special time for us because we can sit quietly and watch the river and take in the beauty of our yard and the mountains. Or, we can catch up on our daily adventures.

I am always looking for refreshing drinks to enjoy on our front porch evenings while hubby has his beer. It can be a cocktail and mocktail, it depends on my mood. One of the main things I want in a cocktail or mocktail is low calories though because if I were to drink every evening, it would not be pretty. I also look for something tasty and refreshing since at the end of the day as the sun is setting, it can be warm here in the mountains of Western North Carolina. That is why when I was asked to create a cocktail using Slim Fast, I was thrilled. The thought of having a creamy and delicious drink for my evenings was great.

I made a Berry Sexy Vanilla Sunrise! Using SlimFast in a cocktail/mocktail was a little strange but it worked out well. Using Slim Fast, cut down on the calories yet gave me a really tasty and refreshing drink.  The drink is made with Slim Fast French Vanilla Shake, frozen berries, fresh ginger and honey. If you want to make it a cocktail, you just add white or raspberry rum, yummy! I also added a fresh strawberry as a garnish! The drink was refreshing and sweet. The ginger added a pop of spicy freshness to the drink. Delicious!

Check out the new SlimFast cocktail/mocktail recipes and start slimming for summer by visiting and start slimming2 for summer. The new recipes were created exclusively for SlimFast by DR Mixologist, Darryl Robinson, host of “Drink up” on The Cooking Channel. The recipes feature some of the tastiest and trendiest ingredients of the season. SlimFast shakes are the perfect base for deliciously creamy summer cocktails/mocktails1 and Darryl’s new recipes contain just 130-190 calories per serving. Your waist will thank you!

1 Cocktails are not a part of the SlimFast 3-2-1 plan. Only occasional use recommended. You must be 21+ to consume alcohol and please drink responsibly.

2 Losing more than 2lbs per week is not recommended. Exercise 30 minutes daily and follow the SlimFast plan.

Disclosure: I received compensation and a sample product for review purposes. 

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