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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Online Games Help Me Relax!

There are days when I find myself overwhelmed with so much information that I need to get away from it all. I don't know about you but after I clean the house, check emails, write blog posts, make dinner and deal with all the other things in my daily life, I like to just relax. Sometimes, I watch movies or read. Sometimes I disconnect and try to get away from it all.  But lately I have found myself trying to find some fun online games to play so I can just decompress.

I am not sure why online games relax me but they do.  I think it is because the games are not based on a lot of skill and are just fun. When I am playing games, I find myself tuning out the day's events and just focusing on the game. I like that I do not have to think too much when I am playing. All I have to do is just point and click and play. Sometimes, I like playing some games that require a little skill. I build my farm, I crush candy and sometimes kill pigs with Angry Birds but, mainly, I like playing slots and Gala Bingo.

I realized I probably do this because I actually like gambling. I can't get away to Vegas all the time. Plus, I do not have the funds anymore to head out to the closest casino so playing games online give me that thrill of winning without me spending a lot of money!

I love playing Bingo because it is exciting. There is nothing like having that last number and hitting the Bingo button on the screen. It's better in real life when you can jump up and shout Bingo! I like slots because I like the bells, whistles and bonuses! I could spend hours playing because it is really mindless fun. Some people might get bored but I love it because I cannot wait to have that big win.

So now you know how I find relaxation during the stressful times. How do you relax when life gets overwhelming?

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