The Art of Random Willy-Nillyness: Your Perfect Wedding Day Doesn’t Need to Cost a Fortune!
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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Your Perfect Wedding Day Doesn’t Need to Cost a Fortune!

If you've recently become engaged you may be thinking about how to make your wedding a day to remember without it emptying your bank account or forcing you to use credit cards more than you should. While tying the knot is rarely cheap, a little organization can go a long way and help you to avoid falling in to financial difficulty before you've even started married life.

Here are some ideas that might help:

Consider your guest list
Many a happy couple have found themselves deliberating over who to ask along to their big day and who to miss out. If you have a large family and a big group of friends this can be tricky to deal with, not to mention expensive. With that in mind, it might be better to simply ask immediate family and best pals along to the ceremony and reception to keep down the costs of feeding everyone. Invite others along for the evening celebrations, as this way they can still share in the celebrations.

Spread the cost with a credit card
Although debts can prove problematic for some people, if credit cards are used responsibly they can prove extremely useful. The key is to apply for the right credit card for your needs and – ideally – one with the lowest interest rates. A number of providers offer interest free periods on purchases for a certain timeframe so shopping around can certainly pay. Remember to carefully read the terms and conditions of the product and for the best possible deal try to pay back your outstanding balance in full before the promotional period comes to an end.

Shop around
It’s always worth looking around for a good deal and the same is true for your wedding dress. You might be surprised at where you can find the frock of your dreams, with designer brands often available at bargain prices from charity stores and second hand shops.

Consider when you want it
While many people dream of a weekend summer wedding this can prove expensive, not to mention difficult to secure. You might be better off looking at alternative days, such as a Friday, which means guests who work a traditional Monday to Friday will only need one day off work and can relax for the rest of the weekend. Further savings might be possible if you choose to exchange vows in autumn or winter, as this time of year is considered off peak for marriages. Although this may be considered unusual by some there are plenty of ways to make it work.

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