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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Pass on a Purple Purse ~ an Allstate Foundation Project #PurplePurse

Disclosure: This post is part of a compensated campaign on behalf of Latina Bloggers Connect and The Allstate Foundation.  All thoughts and content are my own.

As part of Domestic Violence Awareness Month, The Allstate Foundation created the Purple Purse campaign to urge people to openly talk about domestic violence. Why a Purple Purse? Because a purse represents the center of a woman’s financial domain. By passing on a virtual purse to your friends and family, it can spark important conversations about domestic violence and help those impacted by domestic violence to be empowered to speak up.

This is such a wonderful campaign. Although I have never been a victim of domestic violence, I have known a lot of women in my life who have been. It is a problem for so many women and it needs to be addressed. When reading up on this campaign, I was shocked to learn that one in four women are affected by domestic violence. Yet, so many do not want to talk about it. Domestic violence is one of those subjects that is still taboo. People don't want to know about it but it is important to talk about it.

What I like about the Purple Purse Project is that it helps people start those conversations. And the Purple Purse allows people to pass on information about domestic violence and financial abuse by placing the power directly into people’s hands. By using the purse, it helps people understand the reality of domestic abuse. When you go to the you will see it is designed as an online shopping magazine. Its real purpose though is to encourage people to talk openly about domestic violence and financial abuse. Since research shows that the issue of domestic violence is difficult to discuss, this site was created to make it easier to bring up the subject.

A lot of times people think that domestic violence only involves physical abuse but that is not the case. What many people do not realize is that women who are victims of domestic violence are usually subject to financial abuse as well. They often face financial restrictions and are given limited access, if any, to bank accounts, important documents, and information about shared assets. It is sad but I know that at least 3 of my friends stayed in the abusive relationship because of financial difficulty. They were afraid if they left they would not be able to make it on their own and it was tougher because they had children. When they finally made the decision to leave, it was hard for them to pick up the pieces, but they did.

Now, you can help by joining the Purple Purse movement. The program works as follows: 1,300 purple purses filled with domestic violence information and facts will be distributed throughout the U.S. Each purse has a goal of being passed between family, friends, community leaders, celebrities, media, and Allstate employees and agents sparking important conversations and raising awareness.

You can also pass on a virtual Purple Purse by using the code in the image to the right. Just click on the image and it will take you to the Purple Purse site. Enter the code and pass it on. You can also get a code by visiting the Purple Purse Facebook page.

This is the third year of the Purple Purse Project. I had never heard of it before. But now that I have, I will be sharing it with all my friends and family. One of the problems of domestic violence is that it is a secret in a lot of families. And it could be happening to someone close to you and you might never realize it until they say something.

Do your part. Visit the Purple Purse site and pass on a Purple Purse. Besides passing on important information, your purse will also raise money. For every purse that is passed on, The Allstate Foundation will donate $5 to the YWCA for programs that support victims of domestic violence and build financial empowerment. The Allstate Foundation will give up to $350,000 for programs aimed to help domestic violence survivors and stop the cycle of abuse. All it takes is one click!

Taking action against domestic violence is simple - Purple Purse: Pass It On. Also, on October 9th, the Allstate Foundation will be hosting a Twitter Party. Follow the hashtag #PurplePurse for more information.

Remember, if you or someone you know need immediate help, call the National Domestic Violence Hotline at 1-800-799-SAFE (7233) or TTY 1-800-787-3224. Or visit the National Network to End Domestic Violence website.

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