The Art of Random Willy-Nillyness: Preparing for Christmas!!
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Saturday, October 12, 2013

Preparing for Christmas!!

I know it's early but the other day I was at the store and saw Christmas decorations up. It made me smile because I love decorating for Christmas. What I don't like is going to store and dealing with the crowds and the prices.

I do a lot of my Christmas shopping online because it is easier than to go to the stores and deal with the crowd. Plus, I find that sometimes I get better deals online if I use coupon codes and free shipping. I use the usual store like Amazon but I also like shopping at specialty stores like LTD Commodities or the Disney Store. But I always end up buying where I can get the better deal.

My favorite things to buy for Christmas are stockings and tree ornaments. While browsing at, I found the cutest Christmas ornaments ever. As you all know, my fur baby Scout died a couple of days ago and I am very sad about it. But then I found these beautiful ornaments that memorialize pets who have passed. I am definitely buying two of these so I can have one for each of our little babies.

It makes me feel better that I can have a little memento for our Christmas tree. Our Christmas tree ornaments are very special because we never buy one unless they have a special story behind them. When possible, we buy Christmas tree ornaments when we travel. Instead of magnets, we have ornaments. We bought some cute one when we
went to Europe this year.

We also buy a lot of personalized ornaments. We also have several ornaments that are family heirlooms. Those are the most special and we make sure they are always up when we have a tree. I like collecting snowman ornaments and also angel ornaments.

I also collect "Day of the Dead" ornaments. I know that sounds weird but I love Mexican Folk Art so I have built a nice collection of funky Mexican ornaments. We also have several other funky ornaments that we found when we lived in Santa Fe. There was a store that we frequented and they always had very cool things like old mercury ornaments and ornaments made from New Mexican chiles.

I also give ornaments as gifts because who doesn't need decorations for Christmas. My mother in law and her sisters always get ornaments from our travels as well. They now expect them every year! I am excited that Christmas is coming and I cannot wait to put up our tree once we buy it. Do you like Christmas as much as I do? What are some of your favorite ornaments?

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