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Thursday, November 7, 2013

Holiday Gift Idea! Glam Pact!

I don't wear a lot of makeup but every so often I have to drag out my makeup and put it on. When I go to conferences, meetings or a special occasion I have to look presentable. My problem is that I have makeup in my travel bag, my bathroom drawers, my purse and in the guest bathroom. When I do go to find something, I can never find it or it's too old and unusable. Many times, I don't have the makeup I need and I have to do without or go buy what I need. I am a hot mess when it comes to makeup.

But then along came the GlamPact. The GlamPact is the first all in one makeup compact. All you need to beautify yourself is in the GlamPact. It is also small enough that you can slip it into your purse, briefcase or travel bag. It comes with its own special bag so you can slip in the GlamPact and carry it anywhere you need it.

The GlamPact is green as well. It is made from recycled plastic and contains refillable, customizable makeup trays that can be switched out. What is cool is that you can choose the colors that work for you and your skin tone. The GlamPact is really cool. When you open it it has a mirror that lights up. You can charge it from a USB cord, which is great especially if you are traveling. The GlamPact will always be in my bag when I go to conferences or trips. Since I always have my laptop or tablet, it is easy to charge.

On the first level of the GlamPact, you have the Superfection CC pressed powder with a sponge. Then when you open up the second layer, you have some blush, bronzer, highlighter, eyeshadow and lipstick. The next level has all your makeup tools that includes lip brush, cheek fan brush, Eyebrow Brush and a Dual-ended Eyeshadow/Eyeliner Brush.

The GlamPact makeup combines potent clinical ingredients and botanical extracts to improve skin’s overall appearance. Active ingredients Matrixyl and Hyaluronic Acid stimulate collagen production to smooth wrinkles and provide anti-aging benefits, while antioxidant-rich moisturizers, such as Argan Oil and Mango Butter, combined with Licorice Extract’s brightening agents to improve the skin’s texture and create an even and balanced complexion. InstaplumpTM and MAXI-LIPTM provide lip-plumping effects by promoting blood circulation and for fuller lips.

For someone like me who does not use a lot of makeup or someone who doesn't use it frequently, this is the perfect gift. I love that it is all in one. No longer do I have to dig through my bathroom drawers to find my eyeshadow, my eye liner, my brushes, lipsticks and other makeup. All I have to do now is find my GlamPact and toss it into my bag or have it handy at home.

The GlamPact retails for $100 and that is a great price. If you had to buy the tools and the makeup, you would probably spend that or more. Plus, you get the compact that lights up and keeps everything organized. Overall, I like this product and would recommend it. I know that it will keep me organized! It is such a really cool idea and would make the perfect gift for the holidays!

Visit the GlamPact site for more information. You can also follow them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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  1. what a great idea, I would love to have one of these makeup mirrors. Thank you for sharing.