The Art of Random Willy-Nillyness: How to Save on Weight Watchers and Nutrisystem
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Saturday, November 16, 2013

How to Save on Weight Watchers and Nutrisystem

It’s everyone’s desire to be fit and beautiful. This is why we often pay so much attention to products and services that promise they can make us look and feel better. With obesity rates in an all time high in the US, weight loss programs like Weight Watchers and Nutrisystem enjoy great popularity.

Weight Watchers

Weight Watchers started in 1963 and today it is one of the most renowned companies operating in over 30 countries around the globe. Weight Watchers’ approach to weight loss is based on science. The program focuses on breaking your poor eating and exercise habits with new practices, through a process called Spaces (teaching people to manage their food environment) and Routines (helping people to establish healthy habits). They have even made an app for that.


Compared to other health focused brands in the market, NutriSystem has stood out as a program that delivers to your door carefully designed portioned control meals. Nutrisystem food products can be found in local stores, like Walmart.

Both Weight Watchers and NutriSystem have some attractive promotions this month.

$25 Saving on Signup at Weight Watchers Online

If you sign up at the Weight Watchers website for the 3-Months Saving Plan, you will receive an instant discount of $26.82, so instead of paying $86.80 you will pay just $59.98—pretty good deal. This offer is valid until December 1st 2013. Their standard monthly package includes a sign up fee of $29.95 and a $18.95 monthly payment thereafter.

Weight Watchers Online has tools that allow you to track your food and your activities. It provides access to exercise demos, forums and a video portal. All this not only supports you along your weight loss journey, it also educates you to acquire healthy lifelong habits.

To avail the $25 Weight Watchers Online promotion just visit You will see the offer at checkout.

30% discount on first Weight Watchers Monthly Pass

The above offer saves you 30% on your first month of Monthly Pass so you just have to pay $29.95 for the first month—almost $7 a week. The cost goes back to the standard $42.95 a month after the first month promotional package.

With Weight Watchers Monthly pass, you can attend unlimited Meetings that help you connect with other participants who have already tried the program, lost weight and kept it off. With the pass you also gain access to e-tools to keep you on track all day long.

Weight Watchers promotions change every 1-2 months so check with RetailMeNot or for the latest offers.

50% Discount on NutriSystem Customizable Pack

Many people do not know that NutriSystem, in addition to shelf-stable food, offer frozen fresh meals. If you choose Nutrisystem Selection, half of your meals are freshly cooked. You can choose from a selection of over 150 fresh frozen meals. You can get a good idea about the Nutrisystem food by reading some reviews of other people who lost weight on Nutrisystem.

One option you have when buying a NutriSystem plan is the auto delivery program. You will be receiving an instant discount of 50% with the option of selecting the foods you love from their convenient store menu.

The offer includes 28 days of food that is automatically shipped and billed each month without any Shipping Charges. So you will be charged an amount of $269.99 instead of their standard full retail value of $412.45. The offer is available at Nutrisystem’s official site.

A few more sources that you may find useful:

Learn about Nutrisystem discounts for Veterans at RockyMountainSavings. Some health insurance companies, like Tufts Health Plan, provide a Nutrisystem discount for their members. Check with your own insurance.

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