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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Christmas present ideas: Fragrances for everyone on your Christmas list #scentsavings

Our town is tiny. We have few stores and we have to drive at least an hour to go shopping. Luckily, we do have a Walmart. That makes a huge difference in our lives because there are times we need to find last minute gifts and Walmart is a great place to find the best gifts.

I love Walmart because I always find nice gifts for a really good price. For Christmas, I have a few people on my list that love certain gifts and are always excited when I buy them exactly what they want. I can always find small appliances and linens.

I love the gift sets that Walmart also offers especially the fragrance gift sets. I usually purchase quite a few of these gift sets every year. My papi loves the Sean John fragrances. That sounds a little crazy for an 80 year old but he really does. My niece loves any of the Brittany Spears fragrances. Luckily, Walmart has so many choices. I can find the perfect gift for anyone on my gift list!

My mami is old school and always asks for Elizabeth Taylor's White Diamonds. My abuelita used to love White Diamonds as well. Like the women in my family, I have to admit that I am a White Diamonds fan as well. I find that fragrance to be one of the most seductive perfumes I have ever tried. I am not a huge fragrance fan but when I do buy perfume, I always tend to buy White Diamonds.

It is a classic fragrance that is perfect for any woman. My mother who is in her 80's loves it. I am 50 and I love it. It is classic and timeless. And Walmart has several White Diamond gift sets. The gift sets come with perfume, talc, body lotion, eau de toilette spray, mini perfume and more. Some of the gift sets even include a celebrity voice ringtone! I love that.

I went to Walmart on Black Friday weekend and found some great deals on the fragrance gift sets. I picked a few for gifts and one for me. I could not resist! I know my family and friends will love me for remembering their favorite fragrances this year. They never get tired of me giving them the same thing over and over because perfume is something you can never have enough of, in my opinion!

Check out this great Holiday eguide for holiday gift ideas. I love that Elizabeth Taylor's White Diamonds is featured! I am sure you will find some inspiration for your holiday giving!

If you want more gift ideas, head over to and check it out. It will give you some ideas on what is hot and what might make a great gift for those special people in your life.

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  1. You know, I don't think I've ever smelled White Diamonds. I need to check it out if it's smell as good as you say it does! #client