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Friday, December 6, 2013

Kmart and Sears Free In Store Pick Up

"Presented by Mami Innovative Media, this is a sponsored post on behalf of Sears and Kmart. All opinions expressed here are my own.

Okay, it's holiday time and I am busier than usual. I seem to have more work this time of the year plus I also have to shop, decorate and cook more than usual! It is crazy. But I know that it is worth all the extra work to make the holidays special.

Sears and Kmart are doing their part to help you during the holiday season. During the holidays, Sears and Kmart are now offering free in store pick up! I love free in store pick up because I can place all my orders and not have the item shipped. Not having the item shipped means I save money and I am all about saving money during this time of year.

All I have to do is head over to Sears or Kmart and my items will be there. Sears and Kmart free in store pickup, lets you shop online in the comfort of your own home before picking up your items in store in 5 minutes guaranteed (or whenever you're ready). How easy and quick is that? I will no longer have to wait on line or deal with the numerous other shoppers. I do all my shopping from home and then go pick it up! YAY!

Another plus is that you can have a friend or relative pick up your order and pay in store with cash, if you prefer. Oh my holidays just got a little easier. Thank goodness for Sears and Kmart free in store pick up! If you are as busy as I am, you should check it out!

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