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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

My favorite Target "Ugly" products for the Holidays! #hilariousholiday

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Have you ever had one of those holidays where you get a gift that is so appalling that you can only laugh about it? I know I have. Last year, I received a some weird wooden animal shelf sitters. Yes, that is the only way to describe what I got. They were wooden animals who sit on your shelf. Don't ask me.

One Christmas I received a huge Winnie the Pooh sweatshirt. The problem is that there was a puffy Winnie the Pooh. Also the sweatshirt had some strange yarn fringe and glitter. It was the most atrocious thing I have ever seen but I got a good laugh at it. This year, I was looking at to find a gag gift for a friend. I found some pretty ugly gifts.

Target has a line of "Ugly" and hilarious gifts for men. I am considering buying hubby a few of these. I would love to see his face when he opens the package.

Those have got to be the ugliest things I have ever seen. They are so funny though. I think my dad might enjoy the t-shirt. Of course, he would be shocked when he opened the gift. LOL Target has a whole line of these. Head over to the site and check them out.

I found some other gifts that weren't so ugly but were hilarious. Can you imagine the men in your life wearing these Holiday inspired boxers? Holey Moley!

I did find some items that were not ugly but were funny and I actually liked these. In fact, I would so wear these socks myself. I know these are going into hubby's stocking because I know he will appreciate them.

If you are looking for some cool, funky, funny, ugly, kitschy, fun gifts, then you need to head over to Target or and check out the gifts Target is offering this time of year. There is something there for everyone.

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  1. Yep, those are some UGLY gifts. I don't need any of them...