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Thursday, December 26, 2013

Target Weddings ~ Give an Unforgettable and Unique Gift! #TargetWedding

Content and/or other value provided by our partner, Target.

This year and last year, we attended quite a few weddings. Sometimes finding gifts for people is easy because they have a registry or you know exactly what they want. Sometimes we give money to a couple because they are young and starting out. And sometimes, I try and get creative and so something unique for the couple.

The Target Wedding Registry has everything you need to gift any couple a fantastic gift. You can buy one big gift or buy several different gifts and do something special. I have a friend who is getting married and she has put a Keurig brewer on her gift registry. I decided I would buy her the Keurig because I have one and love it.

I also want to make it special for her and her future husband. I thought I would also make her a basket with items for a special Newlywed breakfast.  I thought I would add a few coffee mugs, single serve brew cups, pancake mix and other items to have breakfast in bed. Along with that, I want to add a tray and some beautiful napkins and possibly some place mats.

This would make a great gift because when she and her new hubby return from their honeymoon they will have the making for a special breakfast to start their new life together.
For the Newlywed Breakfast Basket you will need:

That is my interpretation of the gift I would give. Of course, the items at Target are so much better. All I know is that this would make a special gift. Sure a Keurig brewer is a great gift but why not make it better? With my Newlywed Breakfast Basket, the happy couple will have all the fixings for a wonderful yet simple breakfast in bed. They can brew coffee and serve it in their new cute cups. They can make waffles and have a lovely breakfast in bed. How special is that?

Target's registry says: Be yourself, together and that is a good way to start a new life. With my gift, the happy couple can be themselves but do it together. I think my friends will enjoy a new twist on a simple wedding gift. It is both traditional and unique like the merchandise at Target.  There are so many cool items at Target that you will be able to find any type of gift for any couple.

Gift giving is fun and even more fun when you can create an unforgettable gift for loved ones. 

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  1. Target is my favorite store, and it is a perfect place for gifts for a wedding. It is good for a wedding registry.