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Sunday, December 15, 2013

Try Verizon Edge #VZWLife

Disclosure: As a member of the #VZWLife team, I received compensation for this post.

If you had not heard about Verizon Edge, you need to find out. Verzion Edge is a new plan that let's you get a new Verizon  4G LTE phone this year, and every year after that. You can upgrade every year. There are no upgrade fees and no long term contract!

This is how it works:
You pick a new phone. The price of the phone is split into 24 monthly payments and then added to your monthly bill. After 6 months, when the phone is 50% paid off, you can upgrade! You can then Edge UP the phone you have to something better! Of course, to be eligible for the Edge Up option, the Edge phone being returned must be in good working condition and have no significant damage, as determined by Verizon Wireless. That's it.

The advantage is that you do not have to pay for the phone up front since the payments are added to your monthly bill. That's great for those who might not have the money. Plus, paying it in installments is so much easier.

•Purchase a new phone with a low monthly payment
•Enjoy the latest technology available by upgrading your phone more frequently
•Sign a month-to-month agreement instead of a long-term contract
•Upgrade without additional fees or finance charges

The great thing is that all Verizon Wireless smartphones and basic phones are eligible for Verizon Edge. Other devices, such as tablets and mobile hotspots, aren’t eligible at this time but may be in the future.

As long as you have a service agreement with at least 6 months of good payment history, at the time you enter your 24-month Verizon Edge Agreement, you are eligible. And no long-term service agreement is required.

This is a great program if you want a better phone and do not have the money upfront to buy it. Plus, the Edge plan is great if you do not like your current phone. You can trade it in for something that is better or suits your needs.

Check out the new Verizon Edge program on the Verizon Wireless site.

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