The Art of Random Willy-Nillyness: New York Style "Thing to Bring" Hostess Kit!
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Monday, January 6, 2014

New York Style "Thing to Bring" Hostess Kit!

I had the opportunity to review a New York Style Hostess Kit this holiday season. I have to say that I do use New York Style products already. I find them to be a great addition to any event I am hosting. I love the flavor and I love the variety of New York Style Products. The kit included Pita chips, Panetini, mini bagel chips, regular bagel chips and new sweet swirls.

These were great. I have bought New York Style pita chips before. I have used them for snacking or for parties. I usually serve the pita chips with a side of hummus. I love hummus and find that using the New York pita chips is a better choice than regular pita bread because they hold up tot he dipping. Plus, they are so tasty. The crunchy chip is perfect for dipping.

The bagel chips and the Panetini were perfect for cheese and salami. Even after toasting them a little, they bagel chips were crunchy and delicious. The Panetini were perfect to put into a basket and let people use them for bruschetta, salsa, guacamole or hummus.

I did not use the Sweet Swirls but they came in Chocolate and Cinnabon flavors and were quite tasty. They were a different snack but they would be great for dipping. I thought about making a fresh fruit bruschetta in order to top them with the sweet mixture. I found, though, that these were so delicious alone that they need nothing else. I had them as a snack.

New York Style chips are the perfect food for any party, get-together, Super Bowl party or for snacks. They taste great and fresh. I know I keep a few bags in my pantry for snacking. I love having them around. The other day my friend came over unexpectedly and I was able to throw some snacks together using my mini bagel chips, some hummus, cream cheese and some cheese.

This holiday season be prepared and keep some New York Style products in your house and get creative. I know you will love the taste and they make the holidays easier!


  1. Those look like some delicious snacks to have at any party.

  2. New York Style is new to me--I don't recall ever seeing them. However, the store locator at their website shows that a couple of local stores do carry their products, so I'll keep an eye out for them to see how the prices are. Thanks for the review.

  3. I love convenience. These chips seem perfect to get creative. There is a variety so everyone is bound to like them. Patricia

  4. I think those toasted bagel chips with cheese and salami look so good. Makes me want to brave this freezing weather to go get some.

  5. Have not heard of this brand before, thanks! Love anything New York and hope these products are available here in Hawaii!

  6. I have never seen these before, but the sweet swirls really look good. I love how you were so creative with these products.

  7. I like pita chips so these would be good.

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