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Friday, February 28, 2014

MassMutual’s State of the American Family Study! #MC

“I participated in an Influencer Program on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for MassMutual. I received a promotional item to thank me for participating.”

My parents actually lived the American Dream. They immigrated from Costa Rica. They came to this country to find better opportunities and a better life. They married, they worked and raised us in the United States.
We weren't rich; we weren't poor. We were middle class. They bought a house and we went to catholic school. We sometimes struggled and didn't have a lot of extras. We didn't get the best toys or the most expensive clothes but we always had enough to eat, clothes to wear and a home. Every once in a while, we also had some luxuries. Not many, but some. They had a better life here and me and my sister are lucky that we were born here in the U.S.

Being born and raised here, I bought into what everyone thought the American Dream was. I think when I was little the American Dream was growing up, going to college, getting married, having children and then owning my own home with the white picket fence. The expectation was that my life would be better than my parents and I would be happy.

As I grew older, that dream changed. I realized that I might not want what I wanted when I was little. It was tough for my parents to save enough money to put us through college but I worked hard and received scholarships and worked 3 jobs and put myself through college. After college, I found a profession I love and worked hard to have what I have. Now that I am 50 years old, I want to retire early and have enough money to do so. My parents were able to do that and I am thankful for that.

Recently, MassMutual compiled the State of the American Family Study. Here is more information about the study:

The "State of the American Family" program, an in-depth series of research studies MassMutual commissioned over the months and years ahead, is exploring the changing definitions and dynamics of families in this country. This multiyear initiative will produce a deeper understanding of the different forms families take, how factors like ethnicity and income affect family dynamics, how family members interact on financial and other matters, and trends that can help shape families in the coming decade. The "State of the American Family" can help provide America's adults and children with the information and guidance they need to make responsible financial decisions.

Some of the highlights of the study included that American families hold four core values when it come to finances.
* Putting family first
* Being actively involved in household financial decisions
* Educating children about money
* Making sure that children aren't burdened by parents' care as they age.
These are interesting. I think it says a lot about the people surveyed. I love that more and more people are thinking about the future. It is important to start early. I know I should have started saving earlier than I did. I remember my parents made sure we had a bank account when we were little. And that taught us how to save and be responsible.

My husband makes sure I am actively involved in our finances as well. I am not great with money but he makes sure that I am doing the right things especially now that we are both over 50 years old. He has tried to set us up for our retirement because nowadays it takes so much more money to be financially secure.

MassMutual also offers these tips to help American Families plan for the future.

* Think about retirement
* Protect your income
* Plan for your children’s education
* Secure your Family's future
* Teach Future generations about finances
* Prepare for rising health care costs
I think the main thing people need to think about is the future. If you have children or plan to have children, you need to make sure they have enough to get a good education. You also have to think about your own future. Rising health care costs scare me. I know as I have aged, my health is getting worse and I need to plan for that!

If you haven't planned, there is still time. To learn how MassMutual can help families achieve their American Dream today, please review the MassMutual Family Finances study. You can also visit MassMutual to find a financial professional to help you take the next step int creating a solid financial strategy.

Remember, it is never too late to take control of your future and finances.


  1. Raising college costs scares me! It definitely makes more and more sense to save as early as possible. I think the four key values that the MassMutual study reflects the importance of being financially savvy as early as one can be. In this economy and rapidly changing age, it's easy to come to realize that it's better to be safe than sorry when it comes to finances.

  2. very interesting post,,enjoyed reading it,,these kids today don't want to wait for anything they want it right now,,an preferably given to them,,,I had to work my way thru school too,,we were poor but never did without the important things,but extras you had to work for,,I think we need to go back to that,,stop giving kids everything they want not what they need,no 10 yr old NEEDS a cell phone,,or a laptop or a ipad,,we need to learn how to say NO to our kids,if you want those things you earn the money an you pay for it,,thats what my kids had to do,,if they wanted that expensive letterman leather jacket,you pay for half,,that way I know you will take care of it ,,an they did