The Art of Random Willy-Nillyness: How to Child-Proof Your Living Room
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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

How to Child-Proof Your Living Room

No matter how many times you tell yourself that you’ll just teach your child to not touch anything – it won’t make a difference to what your newly mobile child will get up to. A small child is curious, and vulnerable, so you will have to make changes to your décor if you’re a responsible adult.

There are many things in a living room that pose a hazard to a slightly wobbly, inquisitive child – and some are things you wouldn’t necessarily pick up on until it’s too late.

The TV

The TV is one such hazard. It’s actually a frequent cause of injuries that are treated in the ER. It’s a heavy object easily pulled over on top of a small child trying to climb on the TV stand. So, make sure that you have a low, sturdy TV stand that won’t wobble too much when small people try to climb on it. If you can, fix the TV to the wall, then this problem won’t be one you’ll have to worry about at all.

The Coffee Table

You’ve probably spent hours picking that coffee table out, but, it also probably has hard edges. Hard edges and corners can come into contact with soft heads, so despite how much you love it, it has to go. Instead, go for a long side table behind the sofa (i.e. out of reach) and round poufs to put your feet on.


Most flat pack furniture now comes with a piece of fabric attached that you can use to anchor to the wall. Children have been known to pull down the heaviest of bookcases, whether through accident or purpose. Bookcases and tall pieces of furniture can be especially hazardous if they are placed partially on a rug or on uneven floors.

The Fireplace

The fireplace can be a nightmare for the parent of a crawling baby. Tongs, pokers and other tools can crush fingers, as well as the obvious hazards of fire and hot coals and doors.  Ideally, use a screen to avoid children going in that general area.

The Sofa

While the sofa isn’t a hazard for your child – your child might be a hazard for the sofa. Sticky fingers and dribble aren’t even the worst things that a child can inflict on a beloved piece of furniture. Add a slip cover and it’ll make your life that little bit easier. Any spillages and your slip cover can be whipped off and washed for a beautiful sofa all year round. You should also probably implement a no-eating rule anyway!

I am proud to bring you a series of guest posts on home decor. Since we just bought a house, these are great tips that I will have to follow! 


  1. I've seen so many stories of kids getting hurt by falling tvs. I've strapped our dressers and bookshelves to the walls.

  2. After I had children.. AND after ten long years of being married, It dawned on me that the British were ABSOLUTELY correct in their practice of having a Nursery Wing for their kids, and a Nanny! AND separate yet adjoining master bedrooms It makes perfect sense to me! You don't get your nice furniture to be over 250 years old if you let the small children anywhere near it!

  3. The big Flat screen TV's cause a lot of injuries to children every year. These TV's need to be bolted to the wall to prevent them from falling over on a child. I make sure to keep anything away from my nephew when I am babysitting. He is crawling everywhere!