The Art of Random Willy-Nillyness: Making a Small Bathroom Work for a Family
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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Making a Small Bathroom Work for a Family

Even if you have to share a bathroom with one other person it can get frustrating. Imagine sharing with your entire family when you have children; it can be nightmarish. Here are some tips for making a small bathroom work for your family.

Schedule Morning Bathroom Time

When there are several of you all trying to get out to work or school at the same time every morning, the bathroom can get chaotic. A schedule will help everyone have their time in the bathroom in the morning. Showers and baths should be scheduled at different times – some in the morning and some in the evening.

Bathroom is for Bathroom Stuff

Don’t let anyone do anything in the bathroom that could be done elsewhere. For instance, things like putting on makeup, getting dressed or styling hair can be done in bedrooms. Make sure that bathroom time is dedicated only to toileting, bath/showers, brushing teeth, etc.


When you have a lot of people using the same space, it pays to be organised. Give everyone their own storage space. Whether it’s a shelving unit with a shelf dedicated to each member of the family or a basket each, this is where their stuff belongs.

Cut the clutter, too. This makes it look alright even if the room is a bit messy. Have a place for everything, so everyone get in and out efficiently and they can tidy up after themselves too.

If space is really tight, have everyone take their stuff in and out with them. Could be a basket or a small bag, but this will make your bathroom that little bit tidier.


You should always encourage sharing as a quality in your kids. Whether it’s sharing a toy or sharing the mirror, it makes life so much easier. Kids can brush their teeth together and even wash their faces at the same time.

Remodel the Space

If you have the luxury of being able to afford a new bathroom, then make sure you make the most of this opportunity. Look for slim-line suites, or ones with storage space utilized within the pieces of the suite itself, like the suites from Utopia Furniture. Having two sinks means that two set of faces can be washed and two sets of teeth can be brushed at the same time, facilitating sharing and cutting down on bathroom time too. 

Another good way to make sharing a bathroom easier is to separate off the toilet, or installing a new one in a separate room.  

I am proud to bring you a series of guest posts on home decor. Since we just bought a house, these are great tips that I will have to follow!


  1. Love your tip for taking showers at different times of the day. That sure would simplify things.

  2. Not so much. Patricia

  3. My husband would love this. Patricia


  5. These are great tips when sharing a bathroom. Hair care can be done elsewhere as to not keep the bathroom held up for others. I share a bathroom and their are a few times that it can be inconvenient to share, but I have to.