The Art of Random Willy-Nillyness: It's Summer! It's also time to Discover Boating #MC #discoverboating #sponsored
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Friday, July 18, 2014

It's Summer! It's also time to Discover Boating #MC #discoverboating #sponsored

I participated in an Ambassador Program on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for Discover Boating. I received a promotional item to thank me for my participation.

It's the middle of summer and we still have not been able to get out on the water. We have been so busy with our move and Tom starting his new job that we have not had the time. But there is still a few weeks left and we are making plans to rent a boat and get some time on the water. We have looked into renting a boat in Wrightsville Beach. There are also some boat cruises we can take on the Cape Fear River. We haven't decided yet but I will make sure we go boating at least one time this year.

In the meantime, I found some great pictures of our boating adventures. A few years ago, we were in Costa Rica and we decided to hire a boat to take us fishing. The fish were not biting that day but our captain found us a deserted beach and we anchored. What fun. We had the beach to ourselves and the water was clear and beautiful.

I also found some photos of our boating trip in Lake Tahoe. That was such an amazing boat trip. We were able to cruise around the lake and see the most amazing sites. The mountains had a little snow on the top. The water was calm and beautiful. We also cruised by the house that was used in the Godfather movie. We had the best time on that boating trip.

When I look back on my life, I see that boating has been a big part of my life. It started when I was very young and, as I got older, I have continued indulging my love of boating. My dream is to one day own a boat so I can go boating whenever I want. Now that we have moved to Coastal North Carolina, that dream might come true.

My love of boating will always continue whether or not we get a boat. Luckily, there are resources like has tons of information for any boater. On the’s homepage you can find  Stories of Discovery videos. These documentary-style videos tell the stories of real boaters like me. Make sure to watch the video with country star, Jake Owen. If you want to see an amazing story, make sure to watch the short film on the site called Good Run. It is a touching story about a man’s life journey by boat.

The resources on are amazing:
o Boating Activities
o Spousal Conversion Kit
o Youth Boating Programs
o Big Name Boater, Jake Owen

If you are a boater, head over to the Discover Boating Facebook. You will some a lot of useful information and be able to hear from other boaters. If you love boating, like I do, then you definitely need to check out the website as well.

Follow DiscoverBoating on TwitterInstagram and Pinterest as well.

Discover Boating is the U.S. recreational boating industry’s nonprofit awareness program to help people get on the water to experience the fun of boating. For those looking to get their feet wet, is an unbiased online resource to explore the enjoyment and accessibility of the boating lifestyle. Packed with easy, interactive features to familiarize people with all aspects of life on the water, offers a boat selector guidecost comparison toolrenting optionsfavorite boating destinations, links to education courses – even nautical lingo and how-to videos. Plus, offers tools and information for experienced boaters looking to learn more. 


  1. Gorgeous pictures! I love boating, nothing beats going out on the water with great company and seeing nature up close.

  2. You have some great pictures here to keep alive the memories. Boating is such a fun hobby for many people. My family are boaters and spend much time on the water during the warm months.

  3. Looks like the trip was a lot of fun. We don't have a boat but my brother does. I went with them last summer for some boat joy riding. Had a lot of fun and got burned too!

  4. Looks like so much fun! I love going on boats, I have always wanted one!

  5. What a lovely place and how kind of the captain! I haven't been on a boat in years, but seeing your pics reminds me just how much fun it can be. It's so darn hot here (with the exception of the last few days which have been okay) that I hope you get out on the water soon and make some more memories!

  6. Very beautiful pictures of you and your family out on the boat. How wonderful to have the beach all to yourself. You have awesome pictures of Lake Tahoe. The water is so blue. I have been out in the boat this summer with my sister. She has a boat and I always love going out in it.

  7. It looks like you had fun! I can't believe how blue the water is in Lake Tahoe. I've got to see it for myself. Thanks for sharing!

  8. The boating website is very interesting, lots of good information. Thanks for sharing. We have a canoe and go out occasionally, very relaxing.
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