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Thursday, December 11, 2014

Get Informed About Healthcare and Get Covered!

This post is sponsored by UnitedHealthcare. All opinions are 100% my own.

Earlier this year, I had to look for healthcare. The healthcare insurance I had was running out and Tom had not started his new job so I was in a pickle. Luckily because of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) I was able to go to the government site and check my options.

I know a lot of people who don;t have insurance think they do not need it but they would be wrong. Just this year, I had a procedure that cost me $5,000 out of pocket even with my insurance. But even though I had to pay, I was glad I had insurance because if I hadn't I would have had to pay more or, worse yet, I would not have gotten the procedure. That might had led to worse problems in the long run.

I went to the ACA site and shopped around. Then I was told that the insurance company I had would be able to extend my coverage so I did not have to buy from the ACA site but I was prepared to do so. I actually ended up with a plan that was comparable to the one I had but for about $50 less. If I had shopped at the site, I would have gotten a plan for about $40 less. I got covered and let me tell you that it was a great relief. Everyone should get health insurance because you never know what might come up.

The ACA is fantastic because before the ACA it was tough to find affordable insurance. The Act also guarantees coverage for pre-existing health conditions, and financial assistance for those who qualify. This may include savings on your health insurance premiums via a tax credit or a government sponsored program, such as Medicaid, the Children's Health Insurance Program (CHIP), or Medicare. So many people are unaware that they may be able to save money on their health insurance.

Sometimes it was impossible to find insurance unless you were covered by an employer or a partner's employer. I remember when we moved to Santa Fe before the ACA, I was not able to get insurance. Luckily, New Mexico allowed partner insurance coverage. This was before I got married. But it New Mexico was not so progressive, I would have been without insurance for months.

If you have been thinking about purchasing insurance, then you need to get more information. Luckily,  UnitedHealthcare has launched a campaign to help people learn more about how health insurance works, and see if they can save money on their health insurance.

Buying insurance can be a daunting task, believe me. I had no idea what I wanted. I had no idea what I needed. Luckily, I was able to figure it all out with a help from a representative of my insurance company. I also did a lot of research. You have to be really careful about the plan you buy and what it offers. You have to check your deductible and out-of-pockets expenses. If you take prescription meds, you have to check out what it will cost you because some plans offer a better deal than others.

Here are a few videos to help you along.

Know the Cost of Health Care
Buying a Health Plan
Questions About Medical Tests
Choosing a Health Plan
Changing Health Plans
Shopping for Health Care

Remember that the deadline to sign up is December 15th so if you need insurance, go check out the videos. Go to and sign up. Check Having insurance is super important. If something happens to you, you want to be covered because it can save your life!


  1. You aren't kidding when you say finding the right insurance can be a daunting task. I've gone through it with my son while he's been in school. Sure most colleges offer insurance, but he has Chron's so we have to make sure he has good, affordable coverage. The videos you have shared are great.

  2. I couldn't imagine having to pay $5000 for an out-of-pocket expense. Ouch!

  3. We are very lucky in that hubby gets TriCare. I count my blessings. I have minimal insurance, and the out of pocket can be horrific.

    ellen beck