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Monday, December 22, 2014

Give the Gift of Olay this Holiday Season!

Now that I am 50, I have made a conscious effort to take better care of my skin. I am really lucky because good genes have kept my skin looking good for years but now I can start seeing the ravages of age creeping up under my eyes, around my eyes and on my neck.

But last year, I started using Olay products religiously to help my skin. They have. I noticed as I get older, my skin is not as radiant or healthy as it used to be. It is ruddy. I have had to start exfoliating every week just to make my skin look better than it is.

This is where Olay is helping me. After I exfoliate, I put on Olay moisturizer and I look years younger. Okay, maybe a year or so younger. THis ProX Advanced Cleansing system and Olay Regenerist Micro-Dermabrasion kit are pretty amazing. It really works and keeps my skin smooth and clean. It is exactly what my skin needs.

And now during the holidays, I want to make sure my skin looks good. With all the parties and events, I have to look my best! Luckily, Jackie Gomez, Colombian-Mexican makeup artist to the stars has some great tips to make your holidays beautiful!

1. During the holiday season, metallic eye shadows are a must-have! Start by applying your favorite metallic copper shade to primed eyelids. An easy way to intensify your smokey eye is by applying a dark brown eye shadow onto the crease of your eyes and rimming your bottom eyelids with the copper tone. Finish the look by adding a pop of shimmery gold tone onto the inner corner of your eyes. You will look your best beautiful at any holiday party! 
2. If you want to change up your look, try rocking a fashionable dark navy blue or an emerald green cat eye. Start at the inner corner of the eye and slowly work your way across the lash line. Once you're at the end of the eye, extend the liner to create the wing. Keep a cotton swab handy to correct any imperfection. Set it using your favorite translucent powder. 
3. Don't let the holiday blues get to your skin! Keep your skin fresh and renewed during the chilly holidays by using an exfoliation system like the Olay Regenerist Instant Fix Exfoliate & Renew System. Use it a few times a month to smooth skin and avoid your makeup from looking blotchy.  
4. Another trick of mine is highlighter! Shimmer always gives a touch of glamour to any holiday look. Add a shimmery gold or rose pink highlighter to your cheekbones, bridge of your nose and the cupid’s bow of your lips. Don't forget your d├ęcolletage too. Your skin’s subtle glow will have all eyes on you! 
5. After creating any holiday look, it’s really important to remove all makeup before going to bed. I always recommend my clients to use a facial cleansing brush like the ProX by Olay Advanced Cleansing System. This is a critical part of my skincare routine because it removes the layers of dirt and makeup, giving my skin a natural glow after a long day of festivities.
       (See the wrinkles around my eyes? But my skin is great for a 50 year old. #NoFilter)

This is my holiday look. Simple but the star is my skin! Make sure to have Olay on your gift list. It also makes a great gift for anyone! The Pro-X by Olay Cleansing system would make a great gift for a teacher, co-worker or friend. At $29.99 it is a steal! There are so many other Olay products as well. Check them out and put them under the Christmas tree!

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  1. I think you look great for your age! I love Olay products, especially the Olay Regenerist cream.It really helps with making my face feel smooth!