The Art of Random Willy-Nillyness: Holiday Gift Idea: The Ex Voodoo Knife Holder!
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Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Holiday Gift Idea: The Ex Voodoo Knife Holder!

If you came to our house, you would find an eclectic mix of knick-knacks and art. We love collecting cool things. I love funky items for my home and especially for my kitchen. That is why I am loving my new knife holder.

The Ex Voodoo Knife Holder is a great item that complements our eclectic style and also my love of all things foodie. I love to cook so The Ex Voodoo Knife Holder gives me a really nice set of knives to help me in my cooking but also gives me something cool in the kitchen.

It was easy to assemble. The base (holder) is made of durable plastic. You also insert plastic holders into the back of the EX. This holds the knives in place once they are inserted into the body of the EX. I am picky about my knives but these are good quality, dishwasher safe and cut perfectly. There are five knives and all are perfect for any foodie, like me!

The Ex Voodoo Knife Holder  beautifully crafted luxury-designer gift that makes a statement. The EX knife holder, a one of a kind kitchen display designed in Italy by Raffaele Iannello. It’s a conversation piece that can be placed in your kitchen, displayed in your living room or even on your coffee table.

•Made of ABS Plastic
•Updated figure with tapered base
•Weighted bottom to add stability
•Crystal clear and form-fitting knife sheathes
•Patented Magnetic Suspension System holds knives firmly in place
•5 Piece knife set
•Hidden rollers to protect blades
•Molybdenum-vanadium stainless-steel knives
•Ergonomic handles
•Razor sharp blades
•2 year warranty

All products are designed in Italy by Raffaele Iannello. The products are sold worldwide. They are manufactured, and distributed by RICSB, a New York based company that specializes in designer products of all kinds for many years.

Raffaele Iannello is a noted designer in Europe and his products are varied. He was born in 1974 and has established himself in Italy as one of the finest young designers in Europe. As most designers, Raffaele Iannello takes his designs quite seriously while adding both the elements of humor, and tongue in cheek qualities in each product as well as an innovative style.

Get The Ex has been featured on a number of news outlets including The View, NBC’s Open House, The Rachel Ray Show, The Today Show, and numbers NBC, ABC, CBS, and FOX affiliates across the country.

You can find the Ex Voodoo Knife Holder on the website or on Amazon. It retails for $199 but is on sale for $159! And with all the holidays coming up, It makes a great gift! I know a few people on my list who might be receiving one of these. I love mine!!


  1. I love this set of knives! They are so cool with the knives sticking out of the Voodoo doll. This really is a neat centerpiece that I would love to have in my kitchen. I would pick the blue color. I wish you would have a giveaway for this!

    1. Me too! I tried to get a giveaway for you all because I knew you all would love this! Maybe one day!!

  2. This is so awesome!! I LOVE it!! The stainless would look great in our kitchen.

  3. This is really a neat way to store your knives. I can see it in my son's kitchen, he would just love it. I sure wish I could afford the all metal version!