The Art of Random Willy-Nillyness: Off for a few days!
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Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Off for a few days!

I am in Cancun as you read this. Hopefully, I am sitting on the beach reading the new Stephen king novel!! Don't forget to enter whatever giveaways I have open.

I will not be posting for a few days unless I scheduled something. In the meantime, I want to wish all my readers a very Merry Holiday Season. Whether it is Christmas or Kwanzaa or Solstice or Hanukkah have a fun and enjoy your family.


  1. Happy Holidays!! I hope you have a wonderful time!!!

  2. Happy Everything to you, Carolyn! I already know you are enjoying Cancun. God bless! xo

  3. I hope you had fun lying on the beach reading Steven King books. I bet it was nice and warm! I hope you had a nice Holiday! I had a great day with family!