The Art of Random Willy-Nillyness: What we are watching 2/23
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Monday, February 23, 2015

What we are watching 2/23

We haven't been to movies lately. We tried to see American Sniper a few weeks ago but it was sold out 2 weeks in a row. So we basically gave up. Then with our trip to Austin and all the renovations, we just haven't gone back. But we will.

Anyway, we always have TV and we have been watching a lot of shows on the Roku. I signed up for Amazon Prime and so we get free streaming. I am starting to like the way TV is going where you can binge watch series instead of having to wait for a new episode weekly! Anyway, here are my reviews.

This movie is all the rage. It is really fascinating to watch because you literally get to see the characters age without makeup or actors. It is a pretty good piece of movie making. But, frankly, if it didn't have this gimmick, it would not be worth watching.

The plot was mediocre and boring. The acting was good but not that great. I mean, honestly, I would not recommend this movie. I know others will say I am crazy but it was pretty meh.

When we got Amazon Prime, we were able to watch this new Amazon show. We loved it!! Basically it is the story of a transgender man and his transition into becoming a woman. It is well written and well acted. Jeffrey Tambor is the lead actor and he is amazing. It is really a great show and a learning experience.

House of Lies
Don Cheadle and Kristen Bell lead this show. I love them. The show is about a consulting firm and all their nonsense. It is funny, well written and the characters rock. There is a lot of sex, dirty language but it is worth watching. Since I have worked with consultants, it rings really true.

Better Call Saul
This is the spin-off of Breaking Bad so I had great expectations. But I was disappointed in the first few episodes. It was slow and clunky. I am hoping it gets better because I like the character Saul.

This is another Amazon series. It stars Titus Welliver and since I like him we decided to watch. The show is not amazing but it is s pretty solid police show. It is based on Michael Connolly's character Harry Bosch so you might have read one of the books. I had just started a book and it was pretty good. I would recommend it.


  1. You know, I keep meaning to sign up for Amazon Prime, but I put it off, and put it off. (Procrastination is my middle name). I think I'm finally going to do it though - there are so many advantages, and I haven't been to the movies in over 20 years!!!!

  2. We don't have cable so we have to catch everything on netflix or amazon prime. We are currently watching the Unit, Supernatural, and can't wait for next week when the next season of House of Cards comes out.

  3. Finding out what other people are watching is kind of like peeking into their medicine cabinet. :-)
    We just started the second season of The Fall on Netflix, and it's beyond creepy. Love it! For less intense viewing, we put on the old Inspector Morse series. And I've taken to watching Kung Fu movies on the El Rey network. I watch a lot of golf, too.

  4. Havent seen any of these,but i like kristen bell from house of lies..should watch it

  5. I don't have any of the movie channels so I don't see a new movie until it's old news, but I would like to see Birdman.

  6. I am not a big movie goer but would like to see Boyhood

  7. (What we are watching 2/23- Better Call Saul) I also thought the very first episode was on the slow side too. Nothing like Breaking Bad was,but I think it's getting somewhat better as the weeks go by-