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Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Disney in Concert: Silly Symphony Celebration hosted by Leonard Maltin!

One of the highlights of the D23 Expo was attending the Silly Symphony Concert. We were treated to a live concert featuring a 32 piece orchestra. The event was hosted by Leonard Maltin. During the concert we watched Silly Symphony shorts from the Disney archives while the orchestra played on. The shorts have been been restored and look fantastic.

Photo credit: D23
The shorts we watched included some of the great like The Old Mill, Three Little Pigs, The Skeleton dance, The Ugly Duckling, Flowers and Trees and Music Land. What a treat!! I remember watching these when my parents took me to the movies on Sunday afternoons. We only watched 2 types of movies when we were little, Cantinflas (Mexican comedian) and Disney movies.

So it was amazing to be able to watch some of these classic shorts along with live music. The music was performed as it would have been recorded during those historic days at the Disney Studios on Hyperion Avenue in the 1920s and ’30s. The music was amazing. I was having trouble keeping my eyes off the band because they were so much fun to watch.

The shorts were magnificent. I really loved watching them again. My favorites were The Ugly Duckling and the Three Little Pigs. having Leonard Maltin introduced the films and give us some great insight to the shorts was magical as well.

Photo credit: D23

After the concert, we headed down to the Disney Music Emporium pop-up store on the show floor of D23 EXPO where fans could pre-order the long-awaited The Silly Symphony Collection box set, featuring the complete restored soundtracks from all 75 Silly Symphony shorts from 1929–1939, with over eight hours of music on 16 vinyl LPs.

I was so glad that this concert was on the agenda because it was one of the most favorite things I did while at the D23 Expo. This Silly Symphony Collection box set would make a great Christmas gift for any Disney fan this year! I know that I will be putting this on my Christmas list.

Disclosure: I attended the #D23Expo and my expenses: flight, accommodations, transportation and some meals were be covered by Disney. All opinions, however, are 100% mine.

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  1. I think this would be a wonderful thing to see. So many of us have loved Disney for years and grown up on the books and such. I bet this was an instant favorite.
    ellen beck