The Art of Random Willy-Nillyness: Luden’s® gives you a voice this cold and flu season! #LudensBeatbox
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Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Luden’s® gives you a voice this cold and flu season! #LudensBeatbox

During the winter, I will inevitably get a cold or the flu. It's a given but I am always prepared. I try to avoid the germs but if I do get sick, I know I can always count on Luden’s® to help soothe my irritated throat. I always keep a bag in my medicine closet because I know that they will help my sore throat feel better.

Because Luden’s® is all about giving you temporary relief when you are suffering from a sore throat, Luden’s® is launching a really cool, fun and interactive free music mashing site. On this site you make your own tunes and beats. Luden’s® Beatbox gives you the ability to layer on the sound with a wide variety of instruments. vocals and synthesizer effects. Users are able to select a beat, layer in various instruments and vocals and create the perfect pitch by adjusting the synthesizer features.

Just head over to the site and make your own music! You can play around with different sounds and beats. How fun is that? Once you finished you can post a custom generated GIF to your wall and share it with all your friends. Follow the hashtag #LudensBeatbox and check out the beats already dropped by others. You can check out my beat here.

Remember that during this cold and flu season to always have Luden’s® on hand for that scratchy and irritated throat. Luden’s® come in a variety of flavors including Wild Cherry, Green Apple, Strawberry-Banana and Watermelon.

For more information on Luden’s®, and the full line of products, log onto
This season, Luden’s is helping to keep you ahead of the cold and flu with the Cold + Flu tracker. Visit the Cold + Flu tracker to see outbreaks and symptoms in your area.

Show your voice this season and head over to Luden’s® Beatbox and have some fun! You can follow and share your beats with Luden’s on Facebook or follow Luden’s® on Twitter.


  1. So far, no coughs or colds here. I sing through it all.

    slehan at juno dot com

  2. we love ludens have used it for kids and now grandkids for years

  3. This Luden's beatbox sounds amazing. I know a few people who are still down with flu and colds and can't seem to get better, and have a hard time talking, I need to give them a little gift basket with Ludens. They are so good I like to have them any time of year, no cold needed.

  4. The flu is making its rounds here for sure. I think people are starting to ge afraid to go out. Ludens does help and is soothing.
    ellen beck