The Art of Random Willy-Nillyness: Renew your skin with the AVEENO® Skin Relief Gentle Scent Collection #BellezaEspontanea #AVEENO #Ad
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Monday, May 16, 2016

Renew your skin with the AVEENO® Skin Relief Gentle Scent Collection #BellezaEspontanea #AVEENO #Ad

It's May and, to me, that is the beginning of summer. It's a renewing time when the flowers start peeking out from the under the cold ground. The earth around us begins renewing itself and it becomes green and lush. The flowers come out! It's time to head to the Farmer's Market! I also love that it's time to go to the beach and enjoy the sun and warmth!

In May, I am out in the garden planting my vegetables. In May, I start putting away my sweaters and pants and pull out my shorts, dresses and short sleeve tops. My skin which has been shielded from the cold and is pale. It is also not ready for summer.

That is why when it's time to shed the winter clothes, I have to start a new skin regimen. During winter, I use a heavier lotion because my skin really get dry and needs daily care. That's why I love using AVEENO® Daily Moisturizing Lotion. But in the summertime I need something lighter.

I received some AVEENO® Skin Relief Gentle Scent products with Nourishing Coconut, Soothing Oat and Chamomile to try. These are the perfect products for my summertime skin. My skin needs renewal and these products are perfect. The coconut, oat and chamomile make it great for my skin yet provide the moisture needed to help keep my skin smooth and looking great!

The lotion has a gentle yet soothing scent. The lotion and body wash go on smooth and leave my skin feeling fresh and renewed. Like all AVEENO® products, they are gentle but really work. I am ready for the change in the seasons. If you want to renew your skin this season, try AVEENO® Skin Relief Gentle Scent!

To help you have great looking skin here are some great tips from Board certified dermatologist for AVEENO® Dr. Bertha Baum to revamp your skin routine now that summer is coming:

Switch your heavy moisturizer for a lighter lotion - For spring skin care, swap your heavy moisturizer for a lighter lotion if you have normal skin or skip it altogether if you have oily, acne-prone skin. Featuring Active Naturals Triple Oat Complex, the AVEENO® Skin Relief Gentle Scent collection has the perfect line of lotions and body washes to treat your winter-damaged skin with a delightful scent, specifically designed to sooth the calm sensitive skin and the benefit of oat oil to help restore the skin's natural moisture barrier. 
Bathe More Frequently - if you avoided frequent showers during winter, spring is the perfect time to start up again, as you'll likely be sweating more. But don't overdo it since this can also dry your skin. For wonderful benefits use the AVEENO® Skin Relief Gentle Scent lotion on damp skin, which contain natural colloidal oatmeal to help lock in moisture.

Exfoliate for a Healthy Glow - Exfoliating can cast off dry, dead skin cells left over after the winter months and restore a fresh glow to the skin. A gentle exfoliation once a eek helps moisturizers absorb into skin and smooth its texture. However, avoid harsh scrubbing or grainy products that may irritate the skin and cause flare ups.

Monitor Your Sun Time carefully and Slather on the Sunscreen - Spending time under the sun in spring feels good, especially after a long winter. It's important however to avoid excess sun exposure and protect your skin by wearing hats, appropriate clothing and sunscreen for added protection. While it's important to wear sunscreen all year long, bumping up to at least SPF 30 for spring is a great idea. Choose waterproof, broad-spectrum sunscreen and re-apply throughout the day. Remember to cover your face, arms, legs, neck, chest, and any other areas exposed to sun.
Don't forget our Hands, Feet and Lips! - Our lips go through changes from winter to spring. If you're experiencing dry or chapped lips use a protective lip balm with hydrating components. Have you ever heard that old wives' tales about drenching your feet in a heavy lotion and then donning a pair of socks? Well, it's not a myth and it really can dramatically change the way your feet look and feel. Sear your hands and feet with your favorite moisturizing lotion before you put your gym socks and sneakers, and if your hands are in equal need of spring makeover, coat them in lotion as well, and then don a pair of cotton gloves. You will feel the difference overnight!

I hope these tips can help you renew your skin this year! I know I am ready to tackle the new season with the AVEENO® Skin Relief Gentle Scent collection.


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